Pro-Gun and Anti-Gun Presidential Candidates

The following presidentiables are PROgun:

1. Nonoy Aquino/ Mar Roxas
2. Chiz Escudero

The following Candidates are NEUTRAL to guns:

1. Richard Gordon / Bayani Fernando (Leaning towards Anti-Gun)
2. Bro. Eddie Villanueva
3. Gibo Teodoro

The following candidates are ANTI-gun:

1. Erap Estrada
2. Manuel Villar/ Loren Legarda
3. John Carlos “JC” De los Reyes (Kapatiran Party/ Gunless Society) 



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7 responses to “Pro-Gun and Anti-Gun Presidential Candidates

  1. Over the past two years, we have been fighting Sen. Manny Villar’s ANTI-GUN and ANTI-AIRSOFT bills in the Senate which he has been filing left and right. I personally have been appearing in these senate hearings to oppose these Villar sponsored bills, and I have had to submit position papers on behalf of PROGUN and UAA defending Airsoft and Guns. See MoreThese have been HOT TOPICS on airsoft forums since 2007 and I have in fact written a number of articles in these forums regarding these controversial senate hearings.

    I’m sorry, but Sen. Villar’s legislative record speaks for itself. He may be a good man in other things. I heard he is even shooter and gun collector. But insofar as PUBLIC gun ownership is concerned, he is clearly NOT in our favor.

    Three years ago in 2007 Sen. Manny Villar created quite a stir in the airsoft community with his Senate bill No. 2045. Quite simply, he wanted to ban airsoft guns which did not have a blaze orange tip at the end of the barrel (which was practically every airsoft gun in existence) and he proposed to criminalize failure to comply with six months imprisonment and/or fine of P100,000. He also went on a media blitz against airsoft and replica guns. Naturally, the entire airsoft community reacted negatively, here: .php?option=com_smf&Itemid =46&topic=2849.0

    In response to Sen. Villar’s machinations in the press and grandstanding in the Senate with his anti-airsoft bill, I had to appear on behalf of the airsoft community (United Airsoft Alliance – UAA) and PROGUN and defend our sport before Sen. Honasan’s Committee on Public Order and Illegal Drugs in November 2007. I drafted a Position Paper and submiited it to the Senate Committee here:See More .php?option=com_smf&Itemid =46&topic=3288.0

    Still, the entire airsoft community was up in arms against Villar because of his anti-gun antics. The community also had numerous questions about what exactly Villar was up to and why he was so hostile to us. I therefore drafted a well-researched Q & A about Villar, the Senate, and the law, here: .php?option=com_smf&Itemid =46&topic=2879.0

    Having personally been through all that, I feel that I can safely conclude that Manny Villar is ANTI-GUN


  2. I am NOT part of the NoyNoy campaign. But these are the facts.

    As far as public gun ownership is concerned, Noynoy’s PROgun stand is clear. In his opening press release declaring his candidacy, he immediately admitted and stated publicly that he is an avid shooter and owner or guns. While other politicians are ashamed of admitting that they favor guns, Noynoy has admitted his gun enthusiasm openly. Hindi tayo ikinahihiya ni Noynoy. Over the past years since the 1990’s he has consistently and openly attended the AFAD gun shows and is a well-known customer of the dealers, some of whom are his close friends. He possesses a vast gun book and magazine library which he has been collecting since he was in High school. To our knowledge, during his career Noynoy Aquino has NOT sponsored, authored, filed, or supported a single anti-gun bill, whether in Congress or Senate.


    His fiance Shalani Soledad’s picture in Facebook even shows her with a pair of Peltor Shooting ear muffs- a clear sign that she is Pro-gun.


    And in spite of his having been himself shot during the coup of 1989, he still maintains his PROgun stance. So due to his consistency on gun ownership, we list Noynoy as a PROgun presidentiable. 

  3. Richard Gordon has sponsored several firearms bills in the Senate. These bills have been reasonable, not in favor but not entirely against, guns.

    However Sen. Gordon’s recent sponsorship of the senate version of HB 6776 has placed him on our anti-gun suspicion list. This was done apparently upon direct lobby of the PNP. But as soon as he learnedSee More the facts and had more time to consider what exactly had gone on with HB 6776 in the House, Sen. Gordon withdrew his support for the bill. Apparently, the man still has his principles. As can be seen, however, this man tends to flip-flop on the issues, being neither here nor there depending upon the public outcry and/or current political climate. We therefore place him on the gun neutral list, with suspicion of becoming anti-gun.

    His running mate, Bayani Fernando wields an Uzi and a host of bodyguards. We have little information on Bayani Fernando but he has been heard to utter a few Anti-gun remarks a few years ago when his life was threatened by the NPA’s and the vendors whose stalls he had demolished. Therefore, we have placed Bayani Fernando on the gun neutral list leaning towards anti-gun.

  4. Gibo has been silent on his stand on guns, in spite of our emails to his camp to post his views of civilian gun ownership. There was at least on newspaper article that quoted him as saying that he is in favor of restrictions on gun ownership such as one long and one short for civilians. However, we do not as yet have enough information on his personal stand on guns.

  5. Erap Estrada is a cowboy who like guns for his personal use. During his term as Vice president and head of the Presidential Anti-crime commission (PACC) in the early 90’s, he was seen publicly wielding a .45 tucked into his waist when going around crime scenes. He also drives around with a submachinegun beside him in the car. When he was being charged with plunder, he was seen with an UNCLICENSED pistol on the seat of his car.

    However, Erap’s record on PUBLIC gun ownership is probably the worst since the Marcos regime. During Erap’s short term as President, no PTCFOR’s were granted EXCEPT FOR HIS CRONIES such as Fernando Poe Jr, Atong Ang, etc. His administration was also known to have INCREASED the gun license fees and fees for PTCFOR by four times. Due to the anti-gun policies, gun dealers DECREASED from 140 to 40. At gun shows, restrictions on ammo purchases were implemented. Certain types of hollow points such as cor-bon, were banned. Restrictions on number of gun ownership (one long one short) were implemented resulting in drastic drop in gun sales during his term.

    His son, Sen Jinggoy Estrada, has authored and filed several ANTI-GUN and ANTI-AIRSOFT bills in the senate, which we had to oppose. We can only assume that the son is following the lead of the father.

    Due to his hypocrisy of Estrada regarding gun ownership, wherein he approves of gun ownership ONLY FOR HIMSELF and not for the public, Erap is a clear anti-gun candidate.

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