PROGUN Statement on Las Vegas Shooting

In the wake of the act of a dernaged gunman who killed 50 people and wounded 500 more in Las Vegas, again the debate rages as to who or what is to blame for this. The easy scapegoat is to blame the gun(s). But the logic of doing so, seems to beg the issue that we likewise blame the truck used by the terrorist to run over crowds of people or the plane used to ram into the World Trade center and kill thousands. Worse, some even lay blame on other innocent law abiding citizens who likewise own the same or similar implements, who have never violated the law – as culprits or conspirators for this tragedy.
PROGUN has always stood for an on behalf of law abiding and responsible gun owners. The act of a deranged madman is not an act of responsible gun ownership; it is lunacy. In the same manner, the acts of a drunk driver who kills another a sheer act of irresponsibility, does not, and should reflect on the billion or so other safe and careful licensed car drivers. Neither should the car used be blamed for the act of the drunk driver, nor should such act result in the cancellation of all other driver’s licenses of other safe and responsible drivers.
If mental and pyschological health issues are not addressed or resolved in America, then the acts of deranged and mentally unstable people will continue, whether through the use of firearms or other instruments or implements. More so, criminals and terrorists who do not respect nor obey laws, will always find ways to acquire illegal weapons, and use them. 
Rather, than blame gun organizations who teach gun safety and responsibility, why not blame leftist Hollywood which makes millions showing on screen violent and irresponsible behavior and killing, especially to the youth? And what about the lax Hotel security that allowed the criminal to bring in ten rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammo? Who is more liable? 
Rather than focusing on the negative, positive practical things can be done to prevent gun violence. Like responsible parents, educating the public goes a long way towards preventing gun violence. In the Philippines, PROGUN is proud that as a direct result of our firearms education programs, gun deaths from stray bullets during new year’s eve have gone drastically down from several hundred ten years ago to single digit figures the past two years. Likewise, firearms education campaigns have reduced the number of road rage incidents to almost zero. And most of all, educated and responsible licensed gun owners account for less that 1% of crimes committed using firearms in the Philippines. Education pays off in dividends, especially with firearms.
We grieve with the families of the victims, a number of whom were gun owners themselves, and our message for America is EDUCATION in firearms ownership, = less tragedies.

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