2015 New Year’s Eve Stray Bullet Injuries Substantially Down This Year

As reported by the Department of Health as of 2 January, the number of victims of stray bullets due to indiscriminate firing is Four (4). Source: http://news.abs-cbn.com/nation/01/01/16/firecracker-stray-bullet-injuries-down-53-pct-doh (This is less one which was due to an accidental discharge). This number has gone down considerably from what it was in previous years and decades before wherein there were literally hundreds of victims of stray bullets on New Year’s Eve. We credit this decrease to our pervasive and efficient PROGUN educational campaign against indiscriminate firing of guns on New Year’s Eve, which had previously become a Filipino habit. A number of cases indiscriminate firing were also due to the police, military, and security guards, who irresponsibly fired their service guns on New Year’s Eve.

While the number of victims is still not zero as it should be, still the number of very low considering that there are nearly two million licensed gun owners in the Philippines. Thus, this is a big victory for Philippine licensed gun owners who should be congratulated for their responsiblity and restraint during the New Year’s Eve revelry.

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