Pacheco is crying “foul”

This was published in today's edition of the Phil Daily Inquirer.....galit sia kay DOJ Sec de Lima and others who are level-headed, particularly those who do not agree with him. Shades of self-righteous megalomania Poor taste in publishing gruesome photo Philippine Daily Inquirer Posted date: December 08, 2010 WHAT’S THE message of the photo showing Justice Secretary Leila de Lima aiming at a target during the Prosecutors League of the Philippines Invitational Shootfest held at Camp Karingal, Quezon City, with the caption head: “THE LADY CAN ALSO SHOOT”? (Inquirer, 12/5/10) Continue Reading

3 groups file gun ban bill – a new battle has started

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Biazon bill

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Another shot fired in the direction of our already-limited FA privileges.  Of course it will be argued that the bill aims only against criminals and loose firearms.  Fine, but looking at the track record of our authorities, we the law-abiding and our rights are the most affected and not just collateral damage, while the declared targets go scot-free. Continue Reading

Pro-Gun and Anti-Gun Presidential Candidates

The following presidentiables are PROgun:

1. Nonoy Aquino/ Mar Roxas
2. Chiz Escudero

The following Candidates are NEUTRAL to guns:

1. Richard Gordon / Bayani Fernando (Leaning towards Anti-Gun)
2. Bro. Eddie Villanueva
3. Gibo Teodoro

The following candidates are ANTI-gun:

1. Erap Estrada
2. Manuel Villar/ Loren Legarda
3. John Carlos "JC" De los Reyes (Kapatiran Party/ Gunless Society)
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