Pacheco is crying “foul”

This was published in today’s edition of the Phil Daily Inquirer…..galit sia kay DOJ Sec de Lima and others who are level-headed, particularly those who do not agree with him. Shades of self-righteous megalomania

Poor taste in publishing gruesome photo
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Posted date: December 08, 2010

WHAT’S THE message of the photo showing Justice Secretary Leila de Lima aiming at a target during the Prosecutors League of the Philippines Invitational Shootfest held at Camp Karingal, Quezon City, with the caption head: “THE LADY CAN ALSO SHOOT”? (Inquirer, 12/5/10)
I was very much disappointed to see that photo. I find nothing wrong with anyone practicing target shooting in a firing range; but for a public official or a police or military officer to allow himself or herself to be photographed for publication in such a pose is a different story because a gun is made to kill, period. And having a public official like Secretary De Lima in that photo was poor taste, to say the least. The photo gave a wrong, gruesome signal.
Because Secretary De Lima is a top justice official, the photo gives the following message.
1. The gun culture will continue to be glorified and the culture of gun violence will continue to be abetted by Philippine society, notably the pro-gun administration headed by a pro-gun President Aquino, the merchants of death, the pro-gun, the criminals and those who believe in the power of the gun.
2. The peace that will be pursued by the administration is what the gun offers rather than what Christ gives based on love, justice, reconciliation, active nonviolence and progressive disarmament.
3. Almost everyone, especially those who like violent movies, will want to have a gun. They will cite as role models President Aquino, Secretary De Lima, justices, judges, prosecutors and many more VIPs. Even if you have a gun, your enemy will not shoot you frontally but from behind. Even if you have a bodyguard, your enemy can find a way to shoot you.
4. A warning signal has been raised for all men of good will to unite in prayer and to promote by example Christ’s peace, based on love, justice, reconciliation, active nonviolence and progressive disarmament.
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