About Us

A message from the Secretary General

Ticky TabujaraPROGUN, which stands for “Peaceful Responsible Owners of Guns,” was founded in 1987 as a non-political citizen’s group for the Republic of the Philippines. Since its inception, it has been pushing to make it easier for citizens to own and carry guns, arguing that if licensing were cheaper and more convenient, the general public would opt to own legally registered firearms instead of resorting to the use of unregistered guns or “loose firearms”.

Presently, the organization has evolved into an political lobby and advocacy group believing in the basic premise that self-defense is a natural right; it is one of the most basic rights accorded to a human being. We firmly believe that it is the right of each and every law abiding citizen to defend himself and his loved ones against any unlawful aggression. That being said, if we acknowledge that self-defense is indeed a basic human right, which it is, then it only follows that it is but logical for the government to allow its citizens to possess and carry the necessary tools or instruments in order to fully exercise that right; in this case, a firearm.

Furthermore, our organization seeks to fight and preserve the freedom and benefit accorded to each and every qualified law abiding citizen to purchase, own and carry firearms.

Most of the organization’s funding come from its members with occasional contributions and support from benefactors like firearms dealers, legitimate gun manufacturers, and other similar groups or organizations.

As a general policy, PROGUN does not take an antagonistic attitude towards the government. We do not view the government institution as an enemy, but rather, we view them as an ally in the fight against criminality. It is our intention to collaborate and work hand in hand with the government to lessen if not curtail the proliferation of illegal firearms in the country and to ensure that legitimate gun ownership is at all times protected and respected.

The organization has sponsored gun-safety and familiarization seminars to educate the general public on firearms safety and responsible gun ownership. We are also continuously working with various anti-crime groups, the national police force and other government agencies to make sure that firearms are not used inappropriately. As a result of this initiative and endeavor, we have acquired a wider voice in the political spectrum and the foray of public debate.