Its time to think of our National Pride

Much have been said about the hostage taking incident and its unsuccessful rescue operations. Most of our senior officials have already apologized to Beijing or to the CEO of Hongkong SAR while, some of our countrymen have become overnight experts on the subject matter (specially the news anchors of a big tv network). Please, let us let go of it. Its time to move on and its time to think of our pride as Filipinos. Let us stop bashing the government and our police authorities. In the face of all of this, we should be united as a nation and tell the whole world that we support our government to whatever actions it has done and will be doing in the future with respect to the said tragedy. Yes, we have been criticizing the PNP in this website for the longest period but this time, in the light of the protest and call for blood by the half chinese, half british denizens of HongKong, we should standby our brother policemen and tell it to the whole world that no matter what has happened we are all Filipinos and we will standby with each other right or wrong!

Filipinos are indispensable to the citizens of Hongkong, SAR. There are reported to be 200,000 domestic helpers working there and you can just imagine if all of them will not laundry one pair of pants of their employers, that would be 200,000 pairs of dirty pants. What if they decide not to take the train and walk instead, if the fare is HK$5 one way, that would be HK$1million or 2 million HK$ two way. They cannot possible terminate their services due to this brouhaha, they cannot accept the fact that their countrymen were victims of circumstances and despite of their anger they will go home to their household of Filipino domestics after an afternoon of throat flexing shouting invectives against their government.

Its time to move on. Let us stop apologizing. Shit happens. Its time to show our support to our government and to our policemen. Its time to show the whole world that we are united as a nation with our national pride intact in the face of these circumstances. Our policemen are not saints but the fact that they are Filipinos like us, we should support them by giving them the best equipments, firearms, ammunitions and training. Sabi nga ng mga nanay, pagkatapos ng palo ay oras na ng usapan at paggabay. In the face of this international incident, the PNP should be supported by each one of us and must not be downtrodded as if it has not done us any good in ther past. We are all Filipinos. We all rally to the flag and support our government! 

The Chinese called us monkeys but all of us evolved from it, so why be embarrassed about it? Let us show to them we are a nation of proud and united monkeys.

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