To Arm or Not To Arm

The debate is on. To arm or not to arm is the question most professionals are asking in view of the assasination of personalities in the countryside. Gun ban is only effective in the urban areas like Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao City but definitely not in Maguindanao, Tagudin, Ilocos Sur, Cotabato City and others more. The Philippine Judges Association is calling the Supreme Court to allow them to carry their own firearms, the Department of Justice has requested the Commission on Elections to exempt the prosecutors from the gun ban which will last until November 10, 2010. How many judges, prosecutors and lawyers will die until the end of the gun ban? Even doctors in Mindanao are arming themselves because of the unabetted criminality in the area. Perhaps even the nurses will likewise make a call to allow themselves to carry arms in the light of the rape of a volunteer nurse in Cotabato City. Continue Reading

Its time to think of our National Pride

Much have been said about the hostage taking incident and its unsuccessful rescue operations. Most of our senior officials have already apologized to Beijing or to the CEO of Hongkong SAR while, some of our countrymen have become overnight experts on the subject matter (specially the news anchors of a big tv network). Please, let us let go of it. Its time to move on and its time to think of our pride as Filipinos. Let us stop bashing the government and our police authorities. In the face of all of this, we should be united as a nation and tell the whole world that we support our government to whatever actions it has done and will be doing in the future with respect to the said tragedy. Continue Reading