Gun-ban election of 2010 to be the most violent

On April 5th, we heard from fallujah that the PNP plans to permanently stop issuing permits to carry firearms (PTCFOR). The reason, according to PNP Chief Verzosa, is that they found the total gun ban during the elections to be an effective crime deterrent.

Now we hear from Comelec that the 2010 elections are turning out to be the most violent. What does this do to Chief Verzosa’s credibility on anything he says about gun control? Of course, I don’t need to answer that question; any thinking person can form his or her own conclusion.

Unfortunately, we in the Philippines don’t have access to reliable data. Our statistics are more open to manipulation by those with vested interests since we lack independent sources. However, all we need do is look around the world for examples and the trend is clear: anti-gun supporters are wrong. As logic dictates, laws won’t stop criminals from causing harm. So, when ordinary people can’t protect themselves, violent crime will inevitably increase.

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4 responses to “Gun-ban election of 2010 to be the most violent

  1. Yes, i would dispute the statement made by the PNP that this election is the most “peaceful”. Definitely not. The daily reports in the newspapers are mute testimony to the number of people who are being killed or injured in this election period. The Philippines has always had election violence since time immemorial. Powerful candidates and warlords rule the Philippine elections. Our country is an oligarchy, expecially in the provinces. The only x factor which can change matters is PROPER AND EFFICIENT LAW ENFORCEMENT. Law enforcement is the bedrock of the RULE OF LAW. Without proper and efficient law enforcement, there will be ANARCHY. If there is violence, lawlessness, and anarchy, blame it upon lack of proper law enforcement.

  2. This gunban period due to election is qualified to be the most violent.The way we see it from the outside thru internet,TFC,GMA pinoy tv not a day passed without any gun related incident!It was very unsafe if you are with a candidate.This is due to the total gun ban and very clear failure of what PNP is saying.Now some from judicial is clamoring for their exemption to carry their firearms.What this anti-gun group is doing- just to read the daily statistics?are they good?We still have 3/4 month to go i hope they would not be in the statistics,then the good general is talking about gun control?maybe applied to progun or legal owners of guns and not on the Dark Sides!May the Force be with Us,ProGun!

  3. The PNP cannot protect the lives of most of our civilians out there.

    The Police to Community ratio is very small.

    Hence,most of them are not capable of saving lives.

    So why would I entrust my life to the PNP.

    Response time to emergency calls is very long.

    So on and so forth………………..

    They cannot protect me.

    SO why would I let them take away my Bestfriend.

    1. yup your correct guntech the pnp cannot protect us dami ako kamag anak na pulis and military pero di ko ipagkakatiwala buhay ko at buhay ng pamilya ko sa kanila. kaya dadaan din sila sa bangkay ko bago nila makuha mga laruan ko.


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