PROGUN respectfully endorses the following candidates for the 2016 elections. President – GRACE POE. As Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Public Order and Illegal Drugs, Senator Poe was instrumental in 2014 when she listened to our call regarding the need to amend the oppressive provisions of IRR of RA 10591. Sen. Poe, through her […] Continue Reading

Gun-ban election of 2010 to be the most violent

On April 5th, we heard from fallujah that the PNP plans to permanently stop issuing permits to carry firearms (PTCFOR). The reason, according to PNP Chief Verzosa, is that they found the total gun ban during the elections to be an effective crime deterrent. Now we hear from Comelec that the 2010 elections are turning out to be the most violent. What does this do to Chief Verzosa's credibility on anything he says about gun control? Of course, I don't need to answer that question; any thinking person can form his or her own conclusion. Continue Reading