Congress Probes Alleged Questionable Transactions in Firearms of PNP High Ranking Officials

The House Committee on Good Government and Public Accountability today conducted an investigative hearing in response to House resolution No. 970 filed by Congressman Rodolfo Farinas on "alleged Anomalous Transactions Involving High ranking Officials of the Philippine Natrional Police." The Resolution called for a look into the alleged 900 high-powered missing rifles which were later found in the hands of insurgents, and the anmalous Werfast courier service that was engaged by the PNP to deliver apporved firearms licenses to their holders. The hearing however, went beyond these issues and likewise discussed the difficult and egregious firearms licensing polices, the centralization of gun licensing in Camp Crame, Quezon City, the difficulty in obtaining Permits to Carry, the administrative fund raising contained in the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of RA 10591, as well as all other questionable provisions of the IRR.
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PROGUN files Contempt Charges against PNP and Moves for the Suspension of the Expiration of All Firearms Licenses

Today, PROGUN filed a Verified Petition for Contempt with the Supreme Court against Chief Philippine National Police ("PNP") Gen Alan Purisima and five officers of the PNP Firearms And Explosives Office ("FEO") for their having violated the temporary restraining order ("TRO") of the court that was issued last 10 April 2014 in PROGUN's case versus the PNP. The Verified Petition for Contempt charged that the PNP on orders of its Chief Gen Purisima and implemeted by the officers of the FEO, continued to implement the centralized licensing policy of requiring licensed gun owners to go to Camp Crame, Quezon City personally to renew their licenses, which was specifically restrained and enjoined by the TRO. The same policy was imposed for all new firearms license applicants. The TRO likewise ordered the PNP to re-open their satellite offices in the regions to accept and process firearms license renewals, which was also not complied with. Lastly, the PNP likewise continued to process registration applications with the "Consent and Waiver" clause allowing the police to enter into the homes of licensed gun owners to inspect their firearms, which was also enjoined and restrained by the SC's TRO.

Under Sec. 7 Rule 71 of the Rules of Court, disobedience to a court order constitutes indirect contempt that may be punished by imprisonment or fine, or both in the discretion of the court. In addition, the acts which were committed in violation of the TRO may be ordered undone by the court.
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PROGUN march rally on 3 July 2014

PROGUN will be holding a march rally along Padre Faura Manila (from Robinson's) at the Supreme Court on Thursday 9am, 3 July, to coincide with the filing of our verified petition for contempt against the PNP and all responsible officers for violation of the SC TRO. All shooters, gun owners, dealers, and freedom supporters are requested to join us in our march. Continue Reading

Philippine Senate Conducts hearing for review of RA 10591

Today, the Philippine Senate Committee on Public Order and Illegal Drugs held a hearing for review of RA 10591, or ther Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act. This controversial new law which was passed last year, has come under heavy fire from the Philippines firearms community for being excessively harsh and burdensome upon the Legitimate gun owners. Its Implementing Rules and Regulations which were passed by the Philippine National Police last January likewise created a major stir within the community for being anti-gun. As a result of these complaints by gun owners, The Senate Committee summoned the leadership of the Philippine National Police to question them and to explain why the implementation of the law was so controversial and objected to by gun owners.

Committee Chair Sen. Grace Poe, called for a dialogue and technical working Group between gun owners and the PNP for suggestions and comments from the gun community to be heard, and for amendments to the IRR. Sen. Poe also questioned the PNP as to why a copy of the IRR had no been filed and/or furnished to the Senate. Sen. Tito Sotto interpolated Progun as to the petition that was filed in the Supreme Court and the Temporary restraining order that was issued by the court against the PNP. Sen. JV Ejercito stated why licensed gun owners were being targeted and why not criminals who were wielding loose and unregistered firearms.  Continue Reading

Supreme Court issues Temporary Restraining Order in favor of PROGUN

Today the Supreme Court of the Philippines acted upon the petition filed by PROGUN and issued a temporary restraining order against the Philippine National Police. As prayed for by PROGUN in its petition filed last 21 March 2014, the Supreme Court ordered the PNP to: 1. Stop the implementation of the centralized licensing and renewal scheme and revert back to the regional firearms processing via the PNP regional satellite offices; 2. Stop the implementation of the required "consent and waiver" for licensed gun owners to allow the police to enter gun owners' residences and inspect their licensed firearms; 3. Stop the use of courier services for delivery and release of approved firearms licenses. The PNP as respondent in the case was likewise directed to file its comment on the merits of the petition within ten days from receipt of the order from the Supreme Court. Coverage of the announcement by the Supreme Court can be viewed at this link here: Continue Reading

PROGUN files case in Supreme Court

Today PROGUN filed a petition in the Philippine Supreme Court petitioning for the annulment of several gun licensing policies of the Philippine government. The Philippine National Police ("PNP"), as the implementing agency of the firearms law RA 10591, was named as a respondent. The filing of this case is after a long period of unsuccesfully exhausting all remedies to meet and deal with the president and the PNP, who failed to heed our calls for changes to the system which has been hurting gun owners and dealers. Three core issues were raised in the petition, particularly: Continue Reading

PROGUN joins Gun Dealers Association of the Philippines in delivering letters to Philippine National Police Headquarters and President Benigno Aquino

On Monday 17 March 2014, PROGUN joined the Gun Dealers Association of the Philippines in going to the Headquarters of the Philippine National Police at Camp Crame Quezon City to deliver a letter petition to the office of Gen. Alan Purisima Chief of the PNP, regarding the complaints and concerns of the gun dealers of extreme difficulties encountered in the new policy of centralized firearms licensing. Under the new policy, which PROGUN opposes, firearms licensing is now centralized in the PNP's headquarter where gun owners from all over the Philippines would have make the trip to personally appear thereat and be fingerprinted and subjected to a drug test. On the same day PROGUN went to the Presidential Palace at Malacanang to deliver a similar letter protest to President Benigno "Pnoy" Aquino. TV coverage of this is here on ANC Yahoo Channel by reporter Anthony Taberna: Continue Reading

PROGUN Opposes personal appearance at Camp Crame for licensing and renewals

Last 3 March 2014 all PNP Civil Security group Satellite Offices in the various Regions of the Philippines were ordered closed and its personnel ordered to report to The firearms and Explosives Office at Camp Crame Quezon City, for duty.  According to the PNP Memorandum, licensing and renwals of licenses shall now be centralized in Camp Crame Quezon City, and all lincesed gun owners will have to make the trip to personally appear to apply for and/or renew their gun licenses.

PROGUN strongly opposes such policy of personal appearance at Quezon City for all licensing and renawals of licenses. The Philippines is an archipelagic country composed of several thousands of islands over which one million five hundred thousand licensed gun owners reside and are scattered. Centralization of all licensing and renewals of gun licenses would require all of these licened gun owners to travel all the way to Camp Crame Quezon City to have their licenses renewed. This is clearly a substantial burden upon licensed gun owners who may not afford the cost of travel and who may not have the time to spare away from their jobs and businesses to make the long trip wither by plane or ship. In all other licensing such as drivers licenses and business permits, the application, processing, and approval is done by local regional offices.

Moreover, as experience has shown, whenever lincesing or permits is centralized in one office or person, which has sole discretion whether to grant applciations or not, there is potential for abuse and corruption.
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