License the Individual not the Firearm

Why do we license guns? 
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Election Related Violence on the Rise

In spite of the best efforts at imposing a total gun ban, it would seem that the efforts at curbing election related violence have been proven to be a failure. As per the statistics, election related killings and violence has been steadily on the rise since 2001, in spite of the Comelec Gun Ban. The current figures of deaths since 1992 as gathered from the PNP and Inquirer files are that a total of 537 have been killed in election related violence since 1992 up to 2007. Continue Reading


The continuing reorganization of the Philippine National Police has finally affected the Firearms and Explosives Division. Chief Superintended Alfredo Caballes was relieved of his duties as Chief of the F.E.D. and was replaced by Chief Supt. Gil Meneses, a police officer known to have worked with then Chief PNP, now Senator Panfilo M. Lacson. Most of the subordinate officers of the said unit were also re-assigned to different units of the police agency. Continue Reading

Armed Citizen Seminars

Part of our agenda this summer is the holding of Armed Citizen Seminars. This will be LETHAL FORCE lecture, similar to Massad Ayoob's LFI, with scenario-role playing and practical exercises, for licensed gun owners, especially those who carry guns. The seminar will be half day and will cover the practical and legal aspects of using deadly force, self-defense, and Philippine laws on guns. Among our speakers will be lawyers, security consultants, and people who have been involved in violent encounters who will relate their experiences. Continue Reading

Gun ban dates

Nationwide Comelec Gun ban starts on January 10, 2010 and ends June 9, 2010. Continue Reading

Meeting with Sen. Gregorio Honasan II

On 12 October 2009, representatives from Progun, PPSA, FAMAP, and UAA had a meeting with Sen. Gregorio Honasan, chairman of the senate committee on public order and safety, regarding HB6776. We informed the good senator about the efforts of some legislators in the lower house to railroad said bill without consultation. We also expressed our strong opposition to the bill. The senator assured us that if and when the bill reaches the senate committee, he will definitely give the firearms stakeholders an opportunity to be heard and that due process and proper procedure will be observed. Continue Reading

Meeting with Cong. Jack Enrile

On 28 September and 6 and 7 October 2009 UAA, PROGUN, and PPSA had a joint meeting with Congressman Juan Ponce "Jackie" Enrile Jr. to strengthen ties among the shooting community. Jack Enrile is President and Founder of PPSA and is a strong supporter of the shooting sports in the Philippines. We sought the support of Jack Enrile to oppose House Bill No. 6776 and Senate Bill No. 3375, to which cause he pledged his full support for our political agenda and our projects. He likewise agreed to fund projects of PROGUN and UAA. Continue Reading

Meeting with Cong. Arthur Defensor

Last 3 October 2009, Progun and UAA representative, Atty. Ticky Tabujara, along with Ms Gina Angangco, the President of Armscor Philippines, met with the House Majority Floor Leader Congressman Arthur Defensor to discuss the status of some pending House Bills on firearms, particularly House Bill No. 6776. The Majority Leader is the fraternity brother of Atty. Tabujara from the Sigma Rho Franternity of the UP College of Law whose son Art, also happens to be his batchmate. The congressman was kind enough to accommodate us and discuss our legislative concerns. Continue Reading