Cop killed by carjackers stuck in traffic

If the bad guys are so bold these days that they can shoot a LEO, what more of unarmed civilians? – Sunday, September 19

MANILA, Philippines – A policeman was shot dead by one of at least three armed men in a carjacked vehicle as they were caught in a traffic jam along Mindanao Avenue in Quezon City Friday night.

Police Office 2 Jogene Hernandez identified the slain lawman as PO1 Efren Acoba Jr., 26, of Virginia street in Barangay Gulod, Novaliches.

Acoba sustained multiple gunshot wounds in the body from a 9mm pistol and died on arrival at the Quezon City General Hospital.

Hernandez said Acoba was unaware he was directly behind a red Honda City (ZCA-573) the carjackers had just taken away from trader Wendel Lewis Ramos of Barangay Bago Bantay at around 10 p.m. along Mindanao Avenue.

The carjackers pistol-whipped Ramos when he refused to give up his car keys.

Ramos told police that he and a female friend were on their way to deliver chicken meat to a store in Barangay Pag-asa when the carjacking occurred.

Ramos said he had just parked his car near the corner of Road 8 and Road 2 in Barangay Pag-asa when the carjackers forced their way into his car.

Hernandez said the carjackers were caught in heavy traffic along Mindanao Avenue as they drove towards EDSA.

Acoba was then on his way home when he came up behind the stolen Honda City. Hernandez said the carjackers may have thought that Acoba was chasing them since they saw the policeman still in his uniform.

The carjacker who was driving the Honda City got out of the car and approached Acoba and repeatedly shot the unsuspecting policeman.

Hernandez said the carjackers then fled on foot, abandoning the Honda City they carjacked because the vehicle was still stuck in traffic. – By Jerry Botial (Philstar News Service,


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  1. And yet here comes the Comelec with their NEW gun ban!  The IQ level of the guys making these rules just astound me to no end.

    1. And they included their relatives in their resolution for exemption.  They should include in their resolution that all those who are issued by PTC’s are also exempted. If they do this, then, there would no longer be hassles. A win-win situation for everybody.

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