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PROGUN Advocacy - a recollection of thoughts and reflections

Almost two decades ago, after I purchased my first firearm, I was introduced by Lawrence Acierto to Andy Apostol, who was then Secretary General of PROGUN, and it started a chapter in my life which became dedicated to the advocacy of peaceful and responsible gun ownership. I remember the good old days with the PROGUN Board, the endless discussions with Manny Molina, the out of town trips to render lectures and Gun Safety Seminars and the fun shoots. On the more serious side, the countless committee hearings in both houses of Congress, the technical working groups and the hours after hours of lobbying just to ensure that all of us can keep on carrying our firearms to give us peace of mind that with the piece of metal in our bags can save our life or that of our loved ones in case the need arises. Then there came PNP Director Panfilo M.


i would like to ask if anyone knows how much ammo are we allowed to keep in our home aside from what is stated from our license. is there a said limit? a friend of mine got raided and and they took everything for grabs as if it was christmas. he had 6,000 rounds of 556.  only 3,000 was return after the raid? he was told he had too much ammo is there an executive order that states how much ammo can be keep. another friend told me that you can keep 5,000 rounds per caliber under EO 194 but i could not find it there. cn anyone tell if this is true?

US High court's gun-rights ruling...

Mon Jun 28, 11:43 am ET

By LAURA E. DAVIS, Yahoo! News

Fighting back


A good man fights back, against injustice and criminal aggression. If enough men were good men, there will be less tyrants and criminals in our society.

Remove the anti-IWB/OWB rules for PTCs.

So the gunban will not be extended, good, now it is time once more to fight against the stupid and inance anti-IWB/OWB rules of the current  c-pnp.

this stupid rule will cost lives of innocent gun owners.


afad, a2s5 and gencop will not care about this, so that only leaves  Progun to fight against this nonsense.


BTW, i'm 777 from pinoyguns.




China: Gun-free zone and unarmed victim zone

Here's another tragic example highlighting the fallacy of gun control. China has recently suffered a terrible wave of attacks on schoolchildren.

The assailants' weapon of choice were knives, but in the most recent case, the man used a hammer and fire. In China, as in the UK, firearms are strictly controlled. Yet the controls did nothing to keep the children safe from these psychos.

If there are no guns, bad guys will use blades; if there are no blades, they'll use sticks; no sticks and they'll use teeth and nails. It is not the weapon that's the problem here but the intent. Bad people will find ways to do bad things, regardless of the law, so allow people to defend themselves.

AFAD 1/4 page newspaper ad

Yesterday an AFAD newspaper ad appeared in the Inquirer which stated: "Gun Ban? No problem! Selling & Licensing of firearms ALLOWED here! As allowed by the Comelec, we will take care of securing an exemption for you to bring your newly-licensed firearm to your residence. COntact your nearest AFAD dealer now!" I would have preferred that AFAD questioned and/or criticized the gun ban rather than declaring that Comelec provided them with an exemption. What they're saying in effect is that they can sell and license guns, which is great for them, but never mind everyone who can't bring their guns out and carry or shoot them. The issues and rights of gun owners AFTER the point of sale should be of equal concern among the dealers, not just their business interests. The ad therefore seems quite consistent with our criticism of AFAD regarding the fact that they care only for themselves and not the greater interests of the shooting community.

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Senate Hit for Junking Firearms Bill

PHILIPPINE National Police (PNP) chief Jesus Verzosa criticized the Senate for its failure to pass the "Firearms Bill" that aims to make illegal possession of firearms a non-bailable crime.

In his address before the Ulama League of the Philippines and civil society in Davao City Thursday, Verzosa said the bill was proposed by the PNP for Congress approval.

He said the House of Representatives readily passed and approved the said bill but the Senate just sat on it.

PROGUN Position Paper on House Bill No. 6776


By Atty. Fallujah
PROGUN director
Chairman and Founder, United Airsoft Alliance (UAA)


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