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Blank Bullet

Mga bro shooters, tanong lang po, saan po nakakabili ng Blank bullets 

Rediculous tacticool

This rifle is crazy! All those gadgets and he couldn't operate the bipod :D


 Australia, its been 12 months now that government w/ new law forced citizens to surrender personal firearms. Around 640,381 FA, to be destroyed by their own government costing more $500m in taxes. Results: homicide up 3.2%, assaults up 8.3%, armed robberies up 44%, in Victoria alone homicides w/ guns are up 300%.

GUN BAN exemption for judges?

I was just viewing a recent news in the channel 2.  A judge was shot dead in Ilocos Sur while waiting for a bus.  This is just another crime that the said GUN BAN was not able to address... but wait Chief Justice Renato Corona is appealing for the COMELEC to exempt justices from the COMELEC GUN BAN.

How about those law abiding responsible gun owners who just wanted the same self protection as Mr. Corona? Who would appeal for them? Do we civilians do not have the right to self protection the same way as those justices appealing for exemption?

Would this mean that here in our country only those who are in the government have to be protected and should be allowed for COMELEC exemption? 

The government and the media are only seing "mediamen" and "justices" being killed.  Are they counting the civilians who are also a victims of the said killings?





to whom it may concern,


dear madam/ sir,


we are student of  BSC Major in Legal Management in Far Eastern University. we are currently doing our research regarding the feasibility of the law on illegal possession of firearms here in the Philippines. we would like to conduct an interview with some of the members because we believe that you above all can give your credible insights regarding the matter.. we are hoping for you kind consideration.. thanks.. Godbless..


***** P.S. we would like to conduct the interview (if possible) on monday.. thanks once again..


Respectfully yours,

Name, Angeli Amor

Villena, Kristine Naville

Que, Elton

Ygrubay, Jane Elizabeth

Gun Lubricants and Cleanrs?

Hello fellow PROGUN peeps, im just wondering what are the lubricants and cleaners you use? and you think the best brand for it? 

Is the new CPNP gun owner friendly?

The new CPNP , or whoever occupies that post, is forced to be a “politician”.  He implements instructions coming from the executive Department.  I wish him all the best.   He retires in September 2011.


CHR Chairperson LEILA M. DE LIMA Priviledge Speech on Firearm Controls and Gun Ban

On the Occasion of the National Firearms Control Program ConsultativeSummit

PNP Multi-Purpose Center, Camp Crame

4 June 2010

delivered by


Good morning.

Stolen M-16 Colt AR-15 (Infant)

Posting for a Buddy:
His M4 Colt AR15 was stolen buy fronting buyer.
Colt AR-15 serial # 4904736 Licenced FED

Stolen By:
Name: Jay Jimenez (armed with a none licenced firearm)
Known Addresses: Filinvest 1 and Scout Area
Last seen: Astoria Ortigas 9am 28th of Aug 2010
Blottered Police Report Station 6 Batasan

Pic of culprit: A lot of tattoos. Distinctive Big Cross tattoo at left forearm.

Click the image to open in full size.

Other Pro-firearms sites


Let's support the other groups in the pro-gun community. Please post links to other Filipino firearms groups. Here are a few that I've found recently:




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