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General Sentiment of Gunowner and Aspiring Pro Gun Member

I'll try to keep this as concise as possible.  There is no point arguing that guns lower crime.  That's a fact.  There is no point in arguing that we are not the source of gun violence in the country.  That is also a fact.  There is no point in arguing that as peaceful owners our liberties and freedoms are being attacked.  Everything I've mentioned are facts. 

What is worth arguing about is how we stand and make our voices heard.  That remains to be seen.  In countries like the US radical proposals such as an armed march to the White House may seem drastic but are we prepared to heed the call and take our position that far as Filipinos living under what I feel is tyranny? 

It saddens me that the state of our Nation is what it is.  Corruption permeates everyday life.  We pay hard earned money as taxpayers and what we get in return is less than nothing.  We are not even allowed the basic right to bear arms to protect human life and fight against tyranny in all its forms whether from a foreign or domestic oppressor without harrassment, voluminous red tape, piles of documentary requriements and the fear of future penalization as a legally licensed carbine today may be a banned weapon for confiscation tomorrow. 

comelec gun ban

these comelec imposed gunban is a non-human imposition on our rights to defend ourselves against lawless elements as we have a reactive police force. when bad things happened to us during this period do we have the right to sue comelec when we become a victim of lawlessness. what do they want us to do during this period when we are most in our vulnerable state? it has been proven that comelec gun ban has not stopped crime, it has even encouraged hoodlums to be more aggressive as we had been defenseless, NA NANAGINIP LANG YATA SI BRILLANTES AT PINOY, sana you people should wake up from your slumber. tulog lang kasi kayo ng tulog


Innocent Betrayed


This link was shared by jebuot of Pinoy Pistol Forum, a great eye opener thus sharing this here, Anti-Guns should re-read history.

Self-Defense Act

This is an area that needs to be strengthen in our society, where nowadays, akyat-bahay, rape, murder, shooting incidents are rampant in our society,  Law-makers should consider a better alternative to strengthen citizens in protecting themselves from legal liability in protecting one-self.  Current laws are not sufficient to protect "Juan de la Cruz" legal impediments hinder oneself to protect itself.  I am not a Lawyer nor a Law-maker, I am stating this for the fact that we need laws to protect us from criminals and legal liabilities.  Life is precious I agree but criminals don't, how could we protect our lives if the attacker does not care for the victim.  Hoping we could start this by knocking at our law makers of much needed improvements of the current laws intensifying such as:

1. allows for the use of deadly force anytime a faultless victim reasonably believes that unlawful force which will cause death or grievous bodily harm is about to be used on him.

Defense of Property:

Why is it that gun prices in the Philippines are around three times (3x) compared to prices in the US?

Why is it that gun prices in the Philippines are around three times (3x) compared to prices in the US?

Can Americans Legally Own a Firearm in the Philippines?

Hello Everyone. I am an American, I live in Quezon City, and I am interested in legally owning a handgun. I plan to purchase Springfield Armory XD(M) 9MM Compact I havent decided whether to purchase it in the states and bring here or try and find it in the Philippines.

My question is, can I, being American, legally own a handgun?

If so, whats the procedure for bringing it into the country?

If I cant bring it into the country and I have to purchase it here, where is the best place to buy?


Thank you in advance for your assistance.

beretta 92s



ask ko lang po, i'm planning to buy a beretta 92S model. actually it's not brand new, and it's worth 30k. okay na po ba yung price nya? thanks in advance.

Tough on Guns; Soft on Crime


Bros, please allow me to share a blog a created and posted in my FB account as well as in


Tough on Guns; Soft on Crime

 By: F Philip L. Mina

(Full disclosure; I’m a Filipino gun owner and a moderator of the country’s largest online gun community,


With the current rash of gun related crimes, citizens with legitimately owned guns are currently under siege. The seeming impotence of our law enforcement agencies to curb the rise in criminality, gun related crimes in particular, has served as a cannon fodder for people whose agenda is to take-away the guns of law abiding citizens.

The Gunless Society, politicians, and sadly some members of media who ought to know better, are painting the picture of the Filipino gun owner as an irresponsible, homicidal maniac.

These people are quick to point out the relative ease with which to own a gun is to be blamed for the increase in gun related violence. This completely devoid of logic assertion is so fatally flawed you wonder if these people are remotely aware of what the actual problem is.

Myths of Gun Control

Nine Myths of Gun Control

* Myth #1 "Guns are only used for killing"

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