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General firearms discussions.

Airsoft and airguns

Base on progun post about 10591 art3 with repealing clause section 45.  A freind mailed tru and a courier services a front triangle sight post for m4 airsoft. The OTS and avsecom captured the item insisting they have memo. The that airsoft and airguns are regulated. And thus PTT is requires from FEU.

Heinsisted the said 10591 provisions.. and inquire to FEU.. 


Feu answered the repealing clause thus not include the PD 712 which instructed the PNP or former PC to regulate such items and related items.. thus pnp still regulated airsoft and airguns..

Does my freind has a chance of winning in court?

Who issues the Threat assessment for PTCFOR

Good day,

I am new to the forum and this would be my first post, I hope you will bear with me.  I was hoping someone would know exactly which office issues the threat assessment for the PTCFOR, I called the PTCFOR secretariat and I was told that NCRPO at Camp Bagong Diwa issues the assessment but they don't know exactly which office, they just advised me to get in touch with NCRPO.  I called Camp Bagong Diwa and No one seems to know where I could get the threat assessment, they even referred me back to the PTCFOR secretariat.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.




UN world study on gun ownership vs homicides



I cam across this site

Copy and paste nalang po.


Please pass along. Hope our legislators can see this.


Gun owners are not the enemy but partners in crime prevention.


Is the Glock safety trigger safe enough?

Is it possible to import a firearm that I already own from abroad?


Hoping someone on here can answer this question. I am a dual-citizenship holding (US/Filipino) balikbayan that was born and raised in the US that recently reverse-migrated my family to Manila. Have been a long-time firearms owner in the US with a nice collection of firearms that I left with my brother (who is still in the US) when we moved. I already understand that, as a Filipino passport holding dual-citizen I can LEGALLY own firearms here in the Philippines. My question it possible to legally import any of the firearms that I already own in the US? Or, is my only option to purchase new firearms here? 

Not looking to bring in my whole collection or anything, I would just be interested in bringing in a couple key handguns. So, is there any legal way to do this? I have read that it is possible to import firearms with PNP/government approval, but it is not clear if this applies to individuals trying to bring in guns that that already own in another country. If it is possible, what is the proper procedure/channel? Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks in advance for any insight you might be able to share!

Traveling with your firearm

Does anyone have any idea about carrying your handgun whilst travelling by sea? Specifically when tavelling thru Batangas Port to Or. Mindoro? is there like some special process that needs to be followed? i'm pretty sure they won't just allow you to board a ship with your firearm with you, PTC notwithstanding. i can't seem to get an answer from PPA-Batangas itself (their website may be down). any input  would be appreciated.

need advice about owning a gun

anyone can help me about owning a i need license if i only kept it inside the house and what hand gun can you guys recommend??

George Zimmerman

Meron po bang nakakasunod sa trial ni george zimmerman?

This may be a precedent in self defense especially for us responsible gunowners.

Lets all wait and seen.


we are lawfully armed citizens
we will earnestly protect our right to defend ourselves and the people we love

we are amenable to provide assistance to people in distress and believe that the law should protect us from prosecution should we extend such assistance

we are morally and legally obligated to defend our beloved nation against both foreign and domestic aggression and exploitation. as such we believe that government should not impose any restriction which would prevent us from fulfilling our duty as free citizens.

we commit to strike for competence in our chosen mode of defending ourselves devoting both the time and the resources necessary to attain such competence.

we declare this on this holy day of our Lord!

St. John Baptist De La Salle (pray for us)

Leave Jesus in our hearts (forever)


odd but earth-shaking quips during the consultation for the freshly signed gun law

odd yet earth-shaking quips during the consultation on the freshly signed gun law:

1. The constitution should enshrine each citizen's right to protect himself, the people he loves and innocent, helpless third parties who at that clitical instance had no one to assist them;

2. It is the obligation of every armed citizen to respond to the country's need in the event of foreign aggression and/or local terrorism;

3. The law abiding armed citizen must guarantee the continuity of his God given and Law recognized rights and must guard against the lingering lust of politicians towards authoritarianism and dictatorship.


1. It is the individual who must qualify for ownership based on competence and compliance with societal norms of good conduct and social responsibility.

2. Qualified individuals need not seek clearance to purchase any firearm wherein the state has recognized his/her competence.

3. Every legally purchased firearm need only be registered in a person's name once and that until and unless he/she has given notice of it's loss, transfer or lack of control over with; said firearm shall be deemed in his possession and responsibility.

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