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Firearms news and announcements from PROGUN.

PROGUN 2010 Elections Full Page Newspaper Ad

We are planning to put up a PROGUN full page ad in a major newspaper listing our mission statement, and what we would expect from candidates on their stand on civilian ownership of guns and airsoft. If possible, we will list also the progun / pro-airsoft candidates and endorse them. What we need are: 1. Fund and/or contributions 2. Specific Addresses of local gun clubs in the regions, and contact persons so we could send hard copies of our endorsements for political candidates to them for dissemination. Once we have set up a PROGUN bank account, we will post it here. Thank you

Armed Citizen Seminars

Part of our agenda this summer is the holding of Armed Citizen Seminars. This will be DEADLY FORCE lecture, similar to Massad Ayoob's LFI, with scenario-role playing and practical exercises, for licensed gun owners, especially those who carry guns. The seminar will be half day and will cover the practical and legal aspects of using deadly force, self-defense, and Philippine laws on guns. Among our speakers will be lawyers, security consultants, and people who have been involved in violent encounters who will relate their experiences.

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