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Firearms news and announcements from PROGUN.

Manila Times: Permanent gun ban, an idiotic proposal

Old news but I've posted it here for reference.


"The Maguindanao massacre victims had all been unarmed—and, therefore, defenseless. They were attacked by militiamen and policemen who were under the control of area politicians whom the government had supplied with arms and ammunition, ostensibly to help fight Moro insurgents.

It was precisely because the massacre victims were known to possess no firearms that they became easy targets.

Worst of all, the authorities had denied the victims’ request for security escorts."

Bob Sajot (Armscor) on gun laws

Bob Sajot, at the Armscor Shooting Ranges blog, writes a balanced article about his thoughts on gun laws:

We only ask that sensible laws be passed and implemented. Politics aside, we all know the truth about gun control. There is no quick and easy way to take away the evils that surround us, and gun control is certainly not the way to a truly free and peaceful nation. Let us learn from a great nation, not to set as our example, but to be taught from its history.

Sun.Star: Gun stupid

The suggestion that a total gun ban will solve the high crime rate is simply inane. The high crime rate is not due to law-abiding citizens carrying guns for sports or for self-defense or on occasion to commit crimes of passion. Rather, it is to a great extent, due to the inability of the authorities to disarm the purveyors of wholesale crime, namely warlords, drug lords, etc.

Insinuations are even rife in the streets that some members of the police force are involved in crime syndicates. If true, a gun-less citizenry would be at the mercy of criminals in and out of uniform. I suggest that Gen. Versoza work instead towards improving the performance and image of the police in fighting crime.

Read the full article at Sun.Star: Gun Stupid.

Zamboanga crime statistics released

The Zamboanga Times released crime statistics for their area between January to the end of May 2010. according to the report"

"There were 69 shooting incidents that took place in the city proper under the areas of responsibility of the City Police Office from January, 2010 to the present. A total of 35 people were killed and 65 wounded."

Read the full article at The Zamboanga Times: Police bare crime volume in Zambo.

Oppose the gun ban, take the Facebook poll by GMATV News

I noticed from this thread on PinoyGuns that news has a poll: Should a permanent gun ban be implemented by the Philippine government?

Currently the Yes votes are ahead by almost 20%. Please give your support to the pro-firearms camps and take the poll. Let's show GMA News that a large proportion of us disagree to the ban.

Lend us your support and vote No. Take the poll now at

Did he blink?


See the following article.  Note those in boldface and underlined. Did he blink, in the face of our opposition to his plan to ban legal guns and make criminals happy? I hope so.


PNP wants gun ban extended

Our letter to Sen. Noynoy Aquino

30 April 2010


Senate Building

Pasay City


Dear Sen. Aquino:

A shift in our election strategy

A shift in strategy. 

With 4 weeks to go till election, our pro-gun preferred candidate, Noynoy Aquino, is leading by a commanding 37% lead to Villar's 29%. All Aquino has to do now is to hold, and he has the Presidency. It is therefore critical that he does not do anything negative or make any wrong moves that would subtract votes from his already victorious lead. 

For this reason, we propose that we no longer print out our full page newspaper ad endorsing Aquino. Reasons are: 

PNP mulls scrapping gun permits

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By Cecille Suerte Felipe (The Philippine Star) Updated April 05, 2010 12:00 AM


MANILA, Philippines - The Philippine National Police (PNP) is planning to permanently stop the issuance of permits to carry firearms outside of residence (PTCFOR) because of the supposed success of the total gun ban in preventing crimes.

PROGUN 2010 Elections Full Page Newspaper Ad

We are planning to put up a PROGUN full page ad in a major newspaper listing our mission statement, and what we would expect from candidates on their stand on civilian ownership of guns and airsoft. If possible, we will list also the progun / pro-airsoft candidates and endorse them. What we need are: 1. Fund and/or contributions 2. Specific Addresses of local gun clubs in the regions, and contact persons so we could send hard copies of our endorsements for political candidates to them for dissemination. Once we have set up a PROGUN bank account, we will post it here. Thank you

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