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Firearms news and announcements from PROGUN.

Philippine Defensive & Tactical Shooters Association - Orientation


Philippine Defensive & Tactical Shooters Association or PDTSA will organize the 1st Defensive & Tactical Shoot Match on February 20, 2011 to be held at Delta Firing Range in Bulacan.

In preparation for this event, PDTSA will conduct several orientation, evaluation and training program for the next two months.

Activity:..................................PDTSA Orientation & Training program

..............................................Submission of membership form

Schedule:...............................November 16, 2010 8:30am to 4:30pm

Maximum # of participants:......15 shooters

Reservation:............................November 12 – 14, 2010

..............................................For reservation contact Jim Reyes at 0922-8385648 or 0917-9245110

Skill Requirement:..................Preferably “Intermediate” but new shooters are welcome

Canteen Owner Shot Dead

Just saw it in the news...another Gun Ban incident...



Comelec denies judges' application for exemption

They denied the application of judges because of their ego of implementing a total gun ban

Comelec shoots down gun ban exemption for judges

By Philip Tubeza
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 03:34:00 10/06/2010

Filed Under: Barangay Elections, Firearms, Judiciary (system of justice)

Chief, a challenge has been sent to you!!!



Ticky, some one has claimed that you were issued a challenge to debate on gun control. Invites over the FB were sent your way. And the challenger claims that you kept quiet and did not respond to it. He now claims "victory" even proclaiming that you balk!!!


This is what I refer to. See this attached url:

An excerpt from his blog rantings:

Save by the Gun!



22lr shoot.

FOR THOSE WITH 22LR rifles. "HI guys, Just finished the courses of fire (short course match meaning 25-50 meters) - total of 78 rounds for 22 only - no magnums or 17 hmrs only 22 lr. First two courses will be standard exercises at 25 meters and 50 meters 4 positions (standing, sitting, kneeling, prone with support, prone no support), then two tactical exercises one from prone for 23 rounds 50 meters and one choose your window for 5 shots at the target. Par times here are 5 shots in one minute. If there is enough time - we may have a surprise shoot. Medals only to the top three finishers. Certificates for everyone else indicating level of performance - sharpshooter, marksman, basic rifleman, etc. To be held at the Armscor range on August 29 Fee is 500 pesos - for the competition plus you get 100 rounds of armscor bullets (yes you have to use these) Your choice of subsonics - standard vel, or high vel.

One proposal PROGUN should support: compulsory third party liability policy

Here is one proposal that I think PROGUN should support. Unlike the IWB ban, 'one long, one short' and one PTCFOR, I think a compulsory third party liability policy for gun owners will actually help to make people safer. If gun owners must take out a policy where the premium will increase in the event of an accidental discharge that causes injury or death, they will have real incentive be more careful. It will foster responsible ownership by making sure unsafe owners literally pay for their mistakes.

What do you think?


VACC lauds gun insurance policy plan

July 3, 2010, 5:37pm

Prospects look bright for victims of accidental discharge of firearms as they may now have a chance of recovery for indemnification.

More PNP Anti-Gun Rules

Source: Philippine News Agency
Dated: July 1, 2010

Only individuals with permits allowed to carry guns outside residence, police chief says

DAVAO CITY, July 1 (PNA) -- Sr. Supt. Rene Aspera, director of the Davao City Police Office (DCPO), said that only individuals with corresponding permits to carry firearms can bring handguns outside the residence with the lifting of the gun ban after the election period.

Aspera said the policy covers even members of the police and military who are off-duty.

He said based on the memorandum order issued by Police Director General Jesus Versoza, all police officers wearing civilian attire are no longer allowed to bring their issued firearms.

1 PTCFOR for every gun holder ... lder-.html

1 PTCFOR for every gun holder - People's Journal
Wednesday, 16 June 2010 19:47


The Philippine National Police will allow one Permit-to-Carry Firearm Outside of Residence for every licensed gun holder provided they submit nine requirements, said PNP spokesman Chief Supt. Leonardo A. Espina.

Espina said PNP chief Director General Jesus A. Verzosa decided to issue one PTCFOR for a handgun.

“Those in possession of automatic rifles and machine pistols will not be given a PTCFOR,” he said.

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