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Firearms news and announcements from PROGUN.

Technical Working Group, Senate Committee on Public Order and Illegal Drugs 5/29/14

Today, Progun attended the technical working group hearing of the Senate Committee on Public Order and Illegal Drugs. All stakeholders, The PNP, firearms dealers, Gun Clubs, NGOs, and government agencies such as the DOJ, which had an interest in the firearms issues, were present. As we had expected and said earlier before the hearing, the Committee Secretariat Ambrosio Manaligod clarified at the onset that the mandate of this committee hearing was for the suggested amendments to the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) only, and not for proposed amendments to the law itself RA 10591. Consequently, a "matrix" or table of the entire IRR and marginal columns for proposed or suggested amendments by the stakeholders has projected and the discussion proceeded section by section.

The discussion for today was able to tackle only up to the Definitions portion or Article 1, Rule 1 of the IRR or Sections 1 to 4. The total for the entire IRR is still up to Rule VI or Sec. 46. So due to lack of material time, the Committee adjourned for the next week to continue the discussion.

Official Signed Implementing Rules and Regulations, RA 10591


             WHEREAS, Republic Act No.10591, otherwise known as “THE COMPREHENSIVE LAW ON FIREARMS AND AMMUNITION AND PROVIDING PENALTIES FOR VIOLATIONS THEREOF”, was signed into law by the President of the Philippines on May 29, 2013;

           WHEREAS, the Chief of the Philippine National Police is mandated by law to formulate the necessary rules and regulations for the effective implementation of the comprehensive law regulating ownership, possession, carrying, manufacture, dealing in and importation of firearms, ammunition or parts and providing stiffer penalties for violations thereof;

Comments and Suggested Inputs to the PNP Draft Implementing Rules and Regulations for RA 10591

Hereunder are our comments and suggested inputs for the Draft PNP Implementing Rules and Regulations for RA 10591. These comments and suggestions were arrived at a joint effort by PROGUN, Pinoyguns, Lock n Load, and allied organizations and supporters, after several months of discussion and consultation. Please note the following:

1. In spite of our request, we are not members of the technical working group of the PNP (TWG-PNP) for the drafting of the IRR, which we understand is being done under a closed-door policy. We disclaim that we have any direct participation in this process of discussing and drafting the IRR apart from these comments and our attendance at the PNP Open Forum at Camp Crame.

2. Nevertheless, we understand that TWG-PNP is accepting comments and suggestions from civilian stakeholders and organizations. It is in this light that we are submitting these comments and suggested inputs.

When will PROGUN start taking members?

Would just like to ask as I think there is a significant number of people who would like to finalize their support for PROGUN and protect their rights by joinin PROGUN.  When can we start formally applying for membership?

House Bill 5484-Limits to Firearms Ownership

Business Word News, issue Feb 10, 2012, page 11.

The House of Representatives approved on 3rd and final reading HB 5484 limiting the ownership of firearms to 2 types: 1 short arm, and 1 long arm .22 cal.

No other Details have been provided, except that it is to prevent the proliferation of private armies.

Does anyone know the implications of this law, specially on firearms that were previously legally purchased?

TV Patrol and Failon Ngayon

In this evening’s ABS-CBN TV Patrol, they featured a segment from Failon’s Special Report to be shown tomorrow at 4:45 pm at his program: Failon Ngayon.  As anticipated, there was an obvious anti-gun bias, but the subtle attempt to raise hysteria is full of inaccurate, if not illogical information.  They even dwelled twice on their interview with Pacheco.


The program featured their regular TV-Text survey among viewers if they are Progun or Anti-Gun.   The pros won by a narrow margin; with 53% of the votes while the antis got 47%.  The disappointments of the TV hosts were obvious, insinuating that the gun dealers, gun owners and even the unlicensed gun holders conducted a texting brigade.


2 killed in Makati shooting

MANILA, Philippines - Four gunmen killed a city hall employee in an eatery in Makati City, on Tuesday afternoon.

Police identified the victim as Mario Reyes, 52, who died of a gunshot wound in the head.

Investigations showed that Reyes was having lunch in an eatery in Baragay Pio del Pilar, when 4 gunmen attacked him around 2 p.m..

A radio dzMM report said the 4 suspects hailed a passenger jeepney and escaped.

Police, meanwhile, killed one of the 4 suspects in a follow-up operation in Barangay San Isidro.

Police said the suspect fired at the arresting officers, which led to a shootout. A policeman was wounded in the gunfight.

Recovered from the slain suspect was a .38 revolver, believed to be used in Reyes's killing.

sino may kapit bahay na anti-gun?

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