Firearms alerts

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Alerts about anti-firearms legislation.


 TEKA TEKA ,In the recent events , is it possible that our firearms laws doesn"t  work ? are the legal gun owners is considered the enemy ? well i will just ask my fellow taxpayers , The Philippine National Police is over work, to much responsibility in solving crimes , I just proposed that the firearms licensing and permits should be handed down to a non-military Goverment Agency just liked in the USA , it has the BATF , why not ? its about time that the civilian authority is considered in the land scape of the Filipino culture , no more pre-martial law era that the military is supreme over the civilians . hope we moved now . 

What should we be demanding in terms of Legislation?

Want to get as many opinions and comparisons as possible.  We may need to rally in the future under a common banner.  Ano po mga sentiments niyo regarding what are fair gun laws?

My personal wish list as far as legislation goes...

1. No limit to number or type of arms a Filipino can own with exception to crew served weapons, rocket propelled weapons, or weapons classified as light or heavy artillery.  Many pinoys have licensed subguns, carbines, etc. that have select fire.  Let's make it official.

2. Licensing of individuals as to negate red tape and redundancy in application when purchasing firearms.  As long as you meet the age, employment and background requirement that should be enough to buy or receive a bequethed weapon.

3. Removal of psycho testing.  Basic background check should be more than enough.

4. Gun licenses should have no expiration.  A one time fee should be paid to register and license a weapon under an owners name and shall remain so in perpetua.  The only time license status needs to be changed with corresponding processing fees is if the Owner sells the weapon to a new owner; dies; gifts it to a relative or friend; etc.  Other than that a licensed weapon remains status quo and licensed to its original owner forever.  No more fees.  This also gets rid of the tiny problem of a few "loose" (un-renewed licensed weapons) being used in crimes or being counted among the loose guns. Mawawala ang loose kasi lahat licensyado and no one forgets about renewal. 


If you're firearm is lost, such is it fell in the water while boating and you report it to the police, you need to go to FED and make a report there too! There, they will charge you 8K Php!!!! What the hell, i just lost my firearm which was worth 70K Php, took the time to report it missing, now you want me to pay?...

I tell you, its not worth 'licensing' your firearm around here...the law is just ment to criminalize the law abiding.  Then they threaten to raid your house cause you haven't licensed your weapon...


RIiding in Tandem

Riding in tandem shot a cop who were ordering them to stop for violation at Roxas Blvd Pasay City at around 9.30am

Senate Bill 123

Now I know his stand on gun rights....


Gun ban statistics project

Now that the Gun Ban Statistics project is starting to get some coverage in the media, we need to decide on the direction it should take. Its original objective was simply to show that gun bans do not make people safer. However, this broad scope brings up some specific questions in practice.

chardson67 questioned an incident report saying that it did not involve the use of firearms. This is a fair comment. Should the statistics focus only on incidents that involve firearms?

Senate Bill No. 3584 (HB 6776)

Here is a copy of SB No.3584 in adobe pdf format for your review and discussion. Please click on the link below to go to the download page, you may download the file from there. The Bill is the Senate Version of HB No. 6776.

Mediafire: SB No.3584

Gun Registration= Confiscation?

During the senate hearing last January 2010 Sen. Rodolfo Biazon suggested that due to the proliferation of guns we should return to the one short one long firearm rule, per person. The PNP who were presented wholeheartedly agreed.

So the question was raised what would happen to those gun owners who had excess of one short and one long?

The answer was: they would have to surrender their excess.    P*&^%#@!!!  And he would file a bill to this effect.

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