Armed citizen

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The human right to self-defense and the role of firearms in a free society.

Do You Have to Shoot to Defend Yourself?

Most people buy guns with the intent of shooting criminals.

But do you really have to fire to defend yourself?

The Warning Shot: Is it Necessary?

We all see in the movies how the good guy confronts the bad guy (especially westerns) and shouts, "stop hand up!" and fires in the air a warning shot. Depending on the script, the bad guy either desists and raises his hands, or fights back and gets gunned down by the good guy. Police call the warning a "challenge", which usually takes the form of a word "Freeze!", with the cop pointing his gun at the criminal. The challenge is usually made to de-escalate the situation and give the criminal an opportunity to give up.

Threat Mitigation and De-Escalation

"An Armed Society is a polite society"

Aftermath of a Shooting: What to Do?

You own a licensed gun. You've just used it against a criminal who was trying to rob you or who had broken into your house. The sound of gunshots are still ringing in your ears. The smell of gunsmoke still lingers in the air. If in a public place, You have a small crowd gathering around you staring. If in your home, your crying and hysterical wife and kids frantically trying to call the police or barangay.

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