The President's Corner

Yesterday, June 4, 2010, I woke up with the hope that everything will turn out well during the Gun Summit called by the PNP. After the usual morning rituals, I asked my driver to bring me to Camp Rafael Crame along Epifanio Delos Santos avenue corner Col. Bonnie Serrano Avenue.

I arrived at the venue right after my name was acknowledge and for that I would like to thank the organizers for it. Then there were speeches. The opening remarks of the Chief PNP is true. The law that allows gun ownership is in effect a law that implements a gun ban in the country and we do not contest that, specially in the light of the Supreme Court decision in the case of Chavez vs. Executive Secretary. This Supreme Court decision was parroted by different police officials in the course of the Gun Summit, it is as if it is the second most important decision that they have memorized inside their highly compartamentalized minds, the first  being is  the case Miranda vs. Arizona.

Another speech that really caught my attention is the one delivered by Hon. Leila De Lima of the Commission on Human Rights, it was balanced and well crafted truly expressive of the aspiration of the constitutional commission's desire to promote respect for human rights. Nandy Pacheco's speech is but the same thread that he has been delivering for the past years.I congratulate him for his consistency. Atty. Hector Rodriguez gave a speech that is expressive of the position of AFAD and even, us in PROGUN. Even when I learned that we were not given the opportunity to speak, I was not bothered at all because Atty. Hector Rodriguez was slated to speak in behalf of the industry, because I know that he will not render a speech that will be contrary to our advocacy.

But much to my surprise, a certain Mr. Christopher "Perry" Punla , allegedly coming from a group called "TOTAL PRO-GUN CONFEDERATION"spoke in behalf of gun owners. All the while I thought that somebody from the A2S5 Coalition will be the one who will represent our sector. But it was not. It was from a person that noboby knew except for the information that he owned a gun store and that he is a friend of the Chief of the Philippine National Police. But what the heck, I told myself, I should listen to what his speech will  be all  about  and pass judgment later on. However when he commenced with his speech, I was horrorified and shocked when he gave a comical  if not satirical talk on the alleged aspirations of gunowners such as unlimited number of guns that can be taken  or mounted almost anywhere, crew-served weapons mortars and even tanks! Everyone was laughing  so hard to the point of almost rolling their backs on the floor. It was one of the rare occurances where one can see hundreds of police officers laughing at the same time. I can still remember the hearty laugh of Col. Wilfredo Mayor, Danny Maligalig and Rolly Anduyan when I saw them as I left the venue, which was the PNP Multi Purpose Center. I felt that all the twelve years of serious and consistent advocacy in favor of the rights of gunowners went down the drain just because of one speech of a person claiming to be one of us. The effect of it was so hard that it had a punch of a 12 gauge shotgun shell fired from a pistolized shotgun. I really do not know who Mr. Punla is, in fact, in the June 2, 2010, edition of the President's Page, I even welcomed him because I came to learn about his intention to revive GENCOP.I thought there was a serious intention to promote gunowners' rights but, with the speech that he delivered yesterday, I doubt his intentions.Bakit ganoon ang laman ng kanyang talumpati? Pinalabas niya na ang mga mamamayang nagmamay-ari ng baril ay isang pangkat ng mga Pilipinong sira-ulo at utak-pulbura na nagnanais na mag-ari ng isang katerbang baril upang bitbitin na para bang susugod sa digmaan. Hindi ko po kayo kilala, Mr. Punla, sana naman ay binigyan ninyo ng halaga ang mga ipinaglaban ng aming hanay simula noong 1987, sana iginalang ninyo ang ala-ala ng aming dating Pangulo na si G. Poch De Castro na isa sa mga nagtatag ng PROGUN. Sana po ginalang po ninyo kami, para igalang din naman namin kayo.

Hanggang ngayong ay nakatayo pa rin ang aking mga balahibo at di pa rin mawaglit sa aking alaala ang mga sinabi't tinuran ni G. Punla. Pero ano ang aking magagawa,? Siya lang ang nakakaalam ng dahilan kung bakit siya nagbigay ng ganuong talumpati.I will not get mad at you on the contrary I have forgiven you and wish you good luck or good skill, as what Senator Gordon wants it to be said, to all your endeavors and future activities.


Let us see what will happen after June 9, 2010.Please listen to the  news on the radio or watch it from our televisions, so that we can be sure of the announcement of the PNP. Those who have valid PTCFORs can carry their firearms again but subject to the limitations provided therein. I should remind you that our CPNP does not want us to use holsters or tucking our firearms inside the waistband of our trousers. For me, the best way of concealed carry is by using a shoulder rig. Our underarms still provides the best natural cover for our firearms.


See you again.


A firearm is as good and as bad as its owner.Its the intention that always counts.