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Anti-gun politicians are the same the world over

Once again, an anti-gun politician shows his hypocrisy.

Richard Daley, the mayor of Chicago and long-time anti-gun advocate, has reportedly requested for at least three police bodyguards to provide him with around-the-clock protection after he leaves office. So while pushing for measures to disarm his fellow citizens, he wants special privileges to keep his own family safe. The very same tax payers whom Mayor Daley wants to deny the means of self-protection will soon be paying to protect him.

In the Philippines, a number of our own politicians are known to favor gun control yet surround themselves with armed bodyguards.

Why the double standards? Perhaps they believe that their lives are worth more than ours.

PNP-Circular No. 2011-005 Re: "Possession, Carrying, and Bearing of Firearms (Revised)"


In response to numerous inquiries on PNP Circular No. 2011-005, here are our comments:


1. The Circular is merely a reiteration of well-established rules that are already in force regarding the possession, carrying and bearing of firearms. What was added were merely the expansion of the PTCFOR requirements for Military and law enforcement officers, who are now covered by the rule requiring PTCFOR when carrying their firearms outside of residence or while in civilian attire.


Promoting PROGUN to the airsoft community

Last March 27, 2011, I was invited to participate in Operation Empty Quiver which was a big airsoft event organized and hosted by Team Kamandag and held at Hacienda Escudero in Quezon. Since I was going there, I took the opportunity to promote PROGUN to the airsofter players who were there. My wife was kind enough to offer a helping hand to man the PROGUN booth and assist me during the event.

The Armed and the Dangerous: who are they really? (Part 2)

As a follow-up to my article, 'The Armed and the Dangerous: who are they really?', I would simply like to show two interesting figures from the Committee to Protect Journalists.

In all recorded journalist murder cases since 1992:

  • Government officials were the suspected source of fire 71% of the time
  • The overwhelming majority of victims covered politics (61%) and corruption (41%)

So, whenever we hear from politicians and journalists who support anti-gun legislation, we should ask them, who are the real armed and dangerous groups in our society?

Cracking down on civilian firearms ownership will not solve the problem of violent crime in the Philippines. If politicians are serious about tackling this issue, they should be looking elsewhere.

Two pie charts showing breakdown of suspected source of fire and beats in journalist murder cases

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Reporter's Notebook

Please watch the Reproter's Notebook tonight (tuesday), Februrary 15, 2011, at 11:00 pm. Atty. Ticky Tabujara of PROGUN was interviewed yesterday by GMA-7 regarding Progun's stand on the gun amnesty and civilian gun ownership. The segment will be airing later tonight on channel 7.

Group urges Palace to certify gun control bills

Group urges Palace to certify gun control bills

By Alcuin Papa

Philippine Daily Inquirer

First Posted 08:40:00 02/12/2011

Filed Under: Legislation, Benigno Aquino III, comelec, RP peace process

MANILA, Philippines—Civic and religious groups led by three former senators and bishops are urging the President to certify as urgent a gun control bill to stem the rising incidence of crimes in the streets.

In a signed statement, the group calling itself Mga Tagatulak ng Kapayapaan (Peace Movers) called on President Aquino to consolidate two gun control bills pending in the House of Representatives and the Senate into one measure and certify it as urgent. The group sent a letter through Presidential Communications Operations Office Secretary Herminio Coloma.


..just sharing a story about an individual who fought against evil.  It is a good thing that he was allowed(?) to carry a blade.  Or is he allowed to carry one out of deference to Gorkhali traditions in the same manner that Sikhs are allowed to carry a Kirpan dagger all all times?

In Response to Newsbreak Article: "Gun Amnesties Don't Work"


The Armed and the Dangerous: who are they really?

In an article entitled 'Armed and dangerous: more civilians own guns than military, police,' Gemma Mendoza of published some quite sensational statistics about weapons in the hands of civilians.

She cites cases of Gerardo Ortega, Venson Evangelista and Emerson Lozano, all who were victims of firearms-related crime. The article then goes on to quote figures about gun ownership, weapon types, and approved licenses. It was all obviously calculated to cause outrage and lead readers to the conclusion that legal firearms owners are the danger to Philippine society.

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