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Association of Firearms and Ammunition Dealers of the Philippines urges Philippine Government to reject the proposed UN Arms Trade Treaty

This is the full Official Statement of the AFAD on the proposed UN Arms Trade Treaty


International Firearm Abolitionists Prepare to Draft Arms Trade Treaty 

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House probe on PNP’s questionable P1B deal with private firm pushed


Philippine Star Reports investigation by Congress of Illegal PNP Gun Deal

House seeks probe on P1.1-billion PNP gun license deal 

PROGUN teaches responsible gun handling for parents on TV

The Patron Saint of Marksmen


Traditional Anti-gun rhetoric in the Philippines has centered on arguments of faith. Specifically, those who argue against individual gun ownership, assert that gun ownership is purportedly not in accord with the Christian faith. In so doing, the anti-gunners seek to label gun owners as anti-Christian or not possessing the values of true Christians.

To refute such flawed arguments, we cite the case of St. Gabriel Possenti who is the Catholic Church's patron Saint of all marksmen (quoted from Saint Gabriel Possenti Society at

In 1860, a band of soldiers from the army of Garibaldi entered the mountain village of Isola, Italy. They began to burn and pillage the town, terrorizing its inhabitants.

Possenti, with his seminary rector's permission, walked into the center of town, unarmed, to face the terrorists. One of the soldiers was dragging off a young woman he intended to rape when he saw Possenti and made a snickering remark about such a young monk being all alone.

PNP chief orders tight watch on gun purchases

PNP chief orders tight watch on gun purchases
By Jaime Laude The Philippine Star Updated April 22, 2012 12:00 AM 2 comments to this post 

MANILA, Philippines - Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Nicanor Bartolome has directed the Firearms and Explosive Division (FED) to closely monitor the procurement of firearms by civilians.

Happy Anniversary to ARMSCOR Philippines

PROGUN extends its congratulations and best wishes ARMS CORPORATION OF THE PHILIPPINES (ARMSCOR). This year, the Philippines' pioneer firearms manufacturer and the largest gun maker in Asia, and the world's largest manufacturer of 1911 pistols, is celebrating its "triple anniversary": 70 years of manufacturing, 60 years under the Tuason Family ownership, and 50 years under the leadership of Demetrio "Bolo" Tuason.

In 1905, two Englishmen named Roy Squires and William Bingham put up a photo print shop and merchandising firm in the Philippines. The company established was called Squires, Bingham & Co.

Squires and Bingham eventually expanded their business to general trading; importing and retailing motorcycles and sporting goods - including firearms and ammunition. By the 1930's, Squires Bingham Co. had become popularly associated with sporting guns. It was at this point in time that Arthur D. Hileman, an ex-US Army Hospital Corpsman, purchased the store from its original owners.

In 1941, the store - referred to as the "Sportsmen's Headquarters" - found a new owner in Celso S. Tuason. Unfortunately, just four months after he purchased the store, World War II broke out and Japan invaded the Philippines! Naturally, the invaders first order of business, much to dismay of Don Celso, was to confiscate all the firearms in his store. To survive, Squires Bingham Company had to rely on its clothing and haberdashery during those dark years.

PROGUN denounces Gun Ban in Zamboanga City

Yesterday, Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Jesse Robredo yesterday ordered the cancellation of Mission Orders (MO) and Memorandum Receipts (MR) of military and police assets, civilians and other agents of the law, as well as ordered for the strict enforcement of the gun ban in the city. Robredo’s orders came after meeting with Mayor Celso Lobregat, Isabela City Mayor Cherry Akbar and Basilan Gov. Jum Akbar at the City Hall Conference Room to discuss, assess, thresh out and agree on what to do to quell terroristic acts especially after the bomb blast at the Atilano Pension House that killed three people and injuring 27 others. He suspects someone is behind or manipulating the series of bomb attacks to discredit the administration, thus the need to look deeper into this perception. 

Robredo said standard checkpoints, mobile and random checkpoints will be established in strategic places of the city to strictly implement the gun ban.

Champion Philippine Practical Shooter ambushed and killed in Malabon

MANILA, Philippines – One of the Philippines’ representatives to an international practical shooting competition was killed in an ambush in Malabon on Sunday afternoon.

The victim, identified as Michael Lontoc, was ambushed by four unknown gun men along M.H. Del Pilar Street in Barangay Tenejeros around 4 p.m.

Witnesses said after being shot, the victim’s Toyota Hi-Lux rammed into a wall beside a badminton court.

The suspects immediately fled the scene. A witness said he saw 3 of the suspects boarding a jeepney.

Lontoc was rushed to MCU Hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

Police recovered empty bullet shells from a caliber .45 pistol and uzi at the crime scene.

Lontoc had just come from a shooting competition in Barangay Maysilo and was headed for home in Quezon City.

Authorities have yet to identify the motive behind the killing.

Lontoc was supposed to be one of the country’s representative at the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) World Shooting Championship in Rhodes, Greece on October 3 to 9. – Report from Raffy Santos, ABS-CBN News

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