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I was going around ATC Mall this afternoon with my daughter and came across this ad from Ace Hardware for their baby bats which they are selling and marketing as a defensive weapon. It's much smaller than your regular baseball bat. What caught my attention was the "NO GUN" sign which they used as their marketing ploy. If we will look at the ad at face value it seems that they are trying to convince consumers that using a bat is a better alternative to using a gun for self-defense. I don't know about you, but when my life is at stake, I simply prefer to use a gun to protect myself and my loved ones; it is efficient and effective, period! The idea of bashing a person's skull with a bat (ala Al Capone in the untouchables) simply does not appeal to me; it's just too messy. Plus, using a bat to beat someone to death, even in self-defense, simply might not sit well with the judge; you might come off as a deranged violent psycopath.


NRA: Great UN Debate

Posted below are videos (in 4 parts) of the NRA UN Gun Debate which took place last October 12, 2004   in England between Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice-President of the National Rifle Association (NRA), and Rebecca Peters, head of the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA).

It is very clear from the debate that IANSA is after the imposition of a total worldwide gun ban; they (IANSA) are against civilian ownership of guns and they wish to see all of us disarmed. This left leaning organization is clealry a threat to our freedom and democratic way of life. Conspiring with the United Nations, supported by powerful governments, organizations and individuals, they wish to establish a new world order and impose their socialistic idelogies on all of us.

Myth: Gun Control Reduces Crime

From ABC 20/20 Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity with John Stossel. Thanks to jebuot for posting this via his comment.

The International Effort to Ban Guns

All firearms owners and enthusiasts should watch this 9 minute video about the international effort to ban guns. It is US-focused but the points also apply to the Philippines. Remember, despite claims from the anti-gun groups, banning guns will not make the world safer for the average person. It will only make a safer world for tyrannical governments and for criminals.

Is Ownership of a Gun Immoral?

Everytime there is a shooting, the mainstream press and Anti-Gunners frequently remind the public that guns are "evil". People who possess guns are referred to as "unstable" or "homicidal maniacs". As a consequence, these people would want to embarrass you into thinking that the possession of guns is wrong.


Is possession of a gun immoral?


First, a gun is an inanimate object. It has no brain, feelings, emotions or sense of morality. It cannot determine what is right or wrong. A favorite example I use is to place loaded pistol in front and stare at it. Even if we stare at this pistol for the next 30 years, the pistol will not fire, without human intervention. Rather it is the HUMAN HAND and BRAIN which causes a gun to fire and hit what it's aimed at BY THE HUMAN USER. Consequently, mere possession of a gun - without doing anything else with it - cannot possibly result in anything "evil".


One Million Two Hundred Thousand Licensed Gun Owners in the Philippines

As of today, there are currently ONE MILLION TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND LICENSED GUN OWNERS in the Philippines. Next to the United States, on a per capita basis, we are the second largest civilian LEGITIMATE gun owning population in the world. That is not to count the additional estimated 1,500,000.00 firearms which have yet to be registered.


Is there a need for such firepower in the hands of civilians?


Should Firearms Dealers Represent the Interests of Firearms Owners and the Shooting Community?

As we have seen in the recent opposition of PROGUN to House Bill No. 6776, the Association of Firearms and Ammunition Dealers (AFAD) took a contrary stance and actually supported the Bill. If we all share a common interest in preserving and supporting the shooting sports, why did the AFAD represent their own interests instead of siding with the greater interests of the shooting community? Upon reading the AFAD position paper on the matter, it was stated that they were against the proliferation of illegal and smuggled firearms.

Will Increasing Penalties Deter the Commission of Crimes?

The recent House Bill No. 6776 which was introduced and backed by the Philippine National Police sought to substantially increase the penalties for illegal possession of firearms, gun smuggling, and illegal manufacture of firearms to 30 years to life imprisonment. PROGUN was the ONLY firearms organization which OPPOSED HB 6776 both in the House and the Senate, as being unconstitutional, too harsh and unfair, and anti-people. Eventually the vehement opposition by PROGUN resulted in the defeat of the Bill.

Gun ban: A kneejerk Reaction to Crime

In light of the so-called "road rage incidents" by Jason Ivler and Richard Ordonez, and the Ampatuan Massacre in Maguindanao, there have been the usual calls by the police and anti-gun groups to impose further restrictions on civilian firearms ownership and to impose gun bans as a means of curbing such violence. PROGUN being an anti-crime organization has always condemned such criminal acts. But is a gun ban the solution to such problems? Will the suspension of licensed civilians who have permits-to-carry outside of residence ("PTCFOR") solve these problems of crime on our streets?

FED or Civilian Firearms Agency?

Do you agree that FED should be replaced by a civilian Firearms Committee or agency under the DILG which will handle all matters  and issue all rules on firearms? A number of firearms bills in the Senate propose this, and it is also a proposal for the new Comprehensive Firearms Code bill that we will be preparing.

Some reasons are:

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