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Author of Book Critical of Supreme Court gets Death Threats

"The pen is mightier than the sword, but the sword kills faster than the word."

"Kaya pala maraming napapatay na journalists dahil katulad mo. May katwiran pala si Ampatuan na pagpapatayin ang mga journalists. Sana nakasama ka dun, malay mo malapit na."

(Your kind is one of the reasons why journalists are being killed. Ampatuan has valid reason to kill those journalists. I hope you were one of them. You’ll never know, it could be sooner.)

"Takot ka ano? Iyong anak mo na lang (You’re afraid, right? I’ll target your child instead)."

Pro-Gun and Anti-Gun Presidential Candidates

  The following presidentiables are PROgun:

1. Nonoy Aquino/ Mar Roxas
2. Chiz Escudero

The following Candidates are NEUTRAL to guns:

1. Richard Gordon / Bayani Fernando (Leaning towards Anti-Gun)
2. Bro. Eddie Villanueva
3. Gibo Teodoro

The following candidates are ANTI-gun:

1. Erap Estrada
2. Manuel Villar/ Loren Legarda
3. John Carlos "JC" De los Reyes (Kapatiran Party/ Gunless Society) 



Sandra Cam Refused Police Protection

Whistel blower Wilfredo "Boy" Mayor was shot dead by hit men while riding his car in Pasay last Sunday. He was known for his testimony in the Jueteng hearings before the Senate against Mike and Mikey Arroyo.

Now, co-whistle blower Sandra Cam, is asking for police protection. For some reason, the PNP will  not give her any protection. The Comelec says , "go through the usual procedure and make the request." By that time she will be dead.

I have said this so many times: WHERE ARE THE POLICE WHEN YOU NEED THEM? There are 125,000 sworn police officers in this country. I see hundreds of them walking around doing nothing in Camp Crame and elsewhere. How come Sandra cam, who has a legitimate need for protection, cannot be given any?

Typhoon Ondoy Aftermath: The Case for Armed Citizens

In the last few days since the aftermath of the floods brought about by Typhoon Ondong, nearly ONE MILLION PEOPLE have been displaced. Chaos has reigned. As usual, there are no government, police or barangay personnel around to maintain law and order in the immediate vicinity of the affected areas. Along with the massive destruction and misery upon our people, now come the looters and thieves who would who see the absence of law and order as an opportunity to pillage the victims' properties.

Would you use deadly force in this situation?

Before continuing, first watch the clip below. The important part happens after about 25 seconds into the video.

What would you do?

So, put yourself in the situation of the driver in the blue car. What would you do if this happened to you while stuck in traffic? Would you be justified in using your firearm? I've asked a lot of people and many said, yes, it would be justifiable. Their reasoning stems from the fact that the man is clearly violent and may have caused serious or fatal injury to the driver. However, I do not agree.

200 Glocks to be available soon to the public?

A recent conversation with Ms. Joy Jose, the indefatigable and very pretty marketing manager of Trust Trade Inc., yielded the information that there will be 200 pieces of Glocks chambered in 9mm that will be available to the general public. This information is most welcome to Glock fanatics and to most of our countrymen who are still dying to buy a Glock of their own. It could be well remembered that the manufacturer of this iconic firearm has decided to bar sale to us, Filipinos, due to the ties of the separatist movement in the South with some groups being implicated to a series of terrorist activities in Southeast Asia, particularly the bombing in Bali, Indonesia. Hopefully, with the sale of this coming batch of Glocks will rebut the misconception that firearms being sold in our country often fall into the wrong hands and will convince Mr. Gaston Glock to do business with us again in the near future.


The latest buzz word of the anti-gun is the creation so so-called "Gun free Zones." Thus, according especially to our police, gun free zones ought to be established in certain areas such as malls, resorts, schools, and similar places, to eliminate the possibiity of violence and crime.

Are so-called areas that are declared as gun free zones really crime free? No.

As we have seen in recent events in the U.S. there appears to be no such thing as a Crime Free Zone. Schools such as Virginia Tech and Columbine High School have been examples of so-called gun free zones which were violated by the criminals with impunity. Even military camps like Fort Hood, a declared gun free zone even for the soldiers who were training there, got a nasty lesson in security when their very own US Army Major Hassan gunned down 13 people there.

Courts, in particular have alarmingly become the venues of horrific criminal acts. We recall the detention prisoner who produced an icepick and attacked the judge and held a stenographer hostage in Branch 88 of the Quezon City Regional Trial Court before he was disarmed by a prosecutor who happened to be armed with a Glock 26. In Las Pinas Branch 199, a family court, a disgruntled husband suddenly appeared in court and shot and killed his wife and her lawyer. And In Taguig, an angry litigant who wielded a hand grenade, held the netire branch of the court hostage before being subdued by a rescuing SWAT team.

The Raison d' Etre for Gun Ownership

This incident more than any other argument or rhetoric proves that guns stop crime and save lives. Stay alive till help arrives.

Where are the police when you need them?

Today, it was reported on the news that Atty. Dante Untalan was shot dead in San Carlos, Pangasinan. This killing happened in spite of the current TOTAL GUN ban that we are in due to the upcoming elections. The theory is that Atty. Untalan, who was a Public Attorney's Office lawyer was killed due to a case that he was handling.

It is incidents such as this that prompts me to ask the question: where were the police when this happened?

PROGUN justices of the Supreme Court

With the current controversy regarding the appointment of the next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who will succeeed CJ Reynato Puno we speculate if the next Chief will be PROGUN or not. The front runners for the position of Chief Justice are Justices Antonio Carpio and Renato Corona.


BOTH are shooting enthusiasts and PRO-GUN.


Justice Carpio is widely seen at AFAD Gun Shows in Megamall. An avid shooter, Justice Carpio was in charge of the firearms training program for judges, who are now given special assistance in purchasing and carrying guns for personal protection by the Supreme Court. He carries a Glock 26.


Justice Renato Corona is likewise known as a gun enthusiast. Story has it that he carries an M16 in his vehicle and always goes armed. He was the author of the Pro-gun decision of IGMIDIO MADRIGAL VS. PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, which is cited in the legal forum of this site.


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