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On Donations and other forms of help to PROGUN

I have read the article of fallujah regarding foreign aid that he tried to compare with the situation in our organization. Unlike the National Rifle Association which is actively supported by the members of the gun industry in the United States of America, your organization is not supported by anyone else except for a few generous entities that are both willing to shoulder our expenses everytime we will meet to discuss the developments in government and in the country as a whole. We are independent, in the sense that we do not owe any loyalty to any individual, shooting discipline, company or interest group. PROGUN is loyal to its members and we have made this commitment to fight and lobby for the interest of the FILIPINO GUN OWNERS.

Progun Senatorial and Congressional Candidates


The elections of 2010 are just around the corner, and we urge all gun owners and enthusiasts to SUPPORT and VOTE for our PROgun allies in the Congress and Senate:

JUAN PONCE ENRILE - running for re-election
RUFFINO "RUFFI" BIAZON - running for senate

ROILO GOLEZ - Congress, Paranaque
JUAN PONCE "JACK" ENRILE - PPSA president running for Congressional Seat, Cagayan.

BANTAY BAYAN PARTY LIST - Nominee: Sonny Parsons

A vote for any of these men, is a PROgun vote!

Foreign Aid and Gun Control

Last year, our Police were pushing for the passage of a Firearms Control Act which would greatly restrict the right of citizens to one guns and increase the power of the police to regulate gun ownership and sales. One rationale for the passage of the bill was that it would allow the release of more foreign aid from Japan. Thus, our police were following the "japan model" of stringent firearms restrictions and right of inspection, and were pushing for legislation to this effect, in exchange for aid.

There is nothing wrong with receceiving foreign aid. But when such aid is given with "strings" or conditions attached, such aid partakes of an ominous nature. It reeks of foreign domination and control of our internal affairs and our values. It strips us of our freedom and our choice to chart our own destiny.

Gang violence and an unstoppable gun culture

Last Wednesday, a 16-year-old girl was shot in the neck as she stood with her friends in a restaurant. She was rushed to hospital but died of her injuries. Closed-circuit-TV cameras recorded the incident and revealed that the perpetrators were two youths riding bicycles. A few days after, wild gunfire between rival gangs erupted in the neighbourhood.

With so much firearms-related violence, you might think that it is time, once and for all, to call for a total and permanent gun ban in the country. The problem is that the country where this happened is the UK, whose gun-control laws are among the world's strictest. It also has one of the most professional, well-trained and best-equipped police forces.

Anti-Gun Congressmen

Please be reminded that the following are the ANTI-GUN ANTI-AIRSOFT CONGRESSMEN who authored and pushed for the infamous House Bill No. 6776. DO NOT VOTE FOR THESE TONGRESSMEN IN 2010 FOR WHATEVER POSITION THEY ARE RUNNING FOR:

Rodolfo W. Antonino - Nueva Ecija, 4th District
Pedro P. Romualdo - Camiguin
Antonio V. Cuenco - Cebu City, 2nd District
Eufrocino M. Codilla Sr. - Leyte, 4th District
Raul V. Del Mar - Cebu City, 1st District.
Carmelo F. Lazatin - Pampanga, 1st District
Amado S. Bagatsing - Manila, 5th District
Roque R. Ablan, Jr. - Ilocos Norte, 1st District
Junie E. Cua - Quirino
Arnulfo P. Fuentebella - Camarines Sur, 3rd District
Candido P. Pancrudo - Bukidnon, 1st District

A vote for any of the foregoing is an anti-gun, anti-airsoft vote! Let us defeat them through the ballot and boot them out of government!

Gun-ban election of 2010 to be the most violent

On April 5th, we heard from fallujah that the PNP plans to permanently stop issuing permits to carry firearms (PTCFOR). The reason, according to PNP Chief Verzosa, is that they found the total gun ban during the elections to be an effective crime deterrent.

Now we hear from Comelec that the 2010 elections are turning out to be the most violent. What does this do to Chief Verzosa's credibility on anything he says about gun control? Of course, I don't need to answer that question; any thinking person can form his or her own conclusion.

Sen. Manny Villar's Track Record on Guns

This is a 2007 video of Sen. Many Villar pushing for the public banning of airsoft guns

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV

Senator NoyNoy Aquino has 16 Licensed Firearms

A truly PRO-Gun candidate, NoyNoy Aquino states once again on national television his interest in sporting firearms. Clearly, he is our candidate for President.

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV

Police may scrap the Issuance of Permits to Carry Outside of Residence (PTCFOR)

PNP mulls scrapping gun permits
Metro Section
Page 21
The Philippine STAR
April 5, 2010 issue


The Philippine National Police (PNP) is planning to permanently stop the issuance
of permits to carry firearms outside of residence (PTCFOR) because of the
supposed success of the total gun ban in preventing crimes.

“We might permanently suspend the issuance of permit to carry firearms outside
residence because we’ve seen it (total gun ban) to be effective in deterring
crimes,” PNP chief Director General Jesus Verzosa said.

He said the PNP will discuss the plan during the next gun summit.
Verzosa said the gun ban, which was imposed by the Commission on Elections,

Police have no funds to buy guns for new recruits

Police lack firearms
By Jay Dooma Balnig

PHILIPPINE National Police (PNP) cannot afford to provide firearms for new policemen.

"We have no firearms for new recruits," said Supt. Marlon Ganzon, chief for finance and controllership of the Police Regional Office 6 (PRO6).

Ganzon said at least 500 rookie policemen will be deployed as peacekeepers without firearms.

The new recruits finished their training at Camp Mosqueda in Guimaras as part of Western Visayas's quota of new personnel this year.

Ganzon said the PNP National Headquarters informed the PRO6 there is no budget for the purchase of firearms.

To further cope with the economic crunch, the PNP will no longer issue firearms to officers with the ranks superintendent to director, Ganzon added.

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