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Thanks to our Gun Ban Crimes Project volunteers

Many thanks to our Gun Ban Crimes Project volunteers! I have now updated the statistics pages with a listing of the users who volunteered their time. Your efforts have played a valuable role in the opposition to PNP's proposed extended gun ban. It is difficult to dispute those figures which were gathered from public independent sources and openly available to peer review. The results will also provide a useful addition to our armory of evidence to fight future bans.

The 2010 Election ban may be officially over but the anti-gunners won't ever stop pushing their gun control agenda. Eternal vigilance is said to be the price of freedom and so we too must not let up in our efforts to oppose them.

The Shepherd and the Sheep

Today as we celebrate father's day we reflect about the role of a father vis-a-vis his family. As the head of the family, one of a father's principal roles is to protect his family, i.e., his wife and children, and other members of his household. Securing one's loved ones is a primary role which Jesus Christ Himself teaches in the parable of the Good Shepherd: "I am the Good Shepherd who unlike the hired help is willing to die for my flock." A father is a Good Shepherd protecting his flock pursuant to his divinely ordained task.

The father who fails or refuses to protect his family and loved ones and unduly places them in harms way is remiss in his duties as a father. Moreover, to abdicate this duty to persons who are incapable of providing such protection and security is downright irresponsible, to say the least.

Gunless Society Hails Gen. Jesus Verzosa for the "right attitude"

Aquino listing top brass 

Nolcom commander David eyed to replace Bangit

Rich fugitive murder suspect finally arrested after 7 years

A feisty mother's determination and means finally won the day.  What if the victims' family were ordinary citizens with no money to spend?   We'd better watch out for Ivler.....

A Consensus at the PNP Firearms Summit for stricter gun control measures?

Was there any consensus or agreement at the recent Firearms Summit?

Consider this following press release wherein it is claimed that the participants at the recent PNP Firearms Summit "agreed" to stricter gun policies and stricter requirements for those who are seeking a Permit to Carry Firearms Outside of residence (PTCFOR) here



Stricter gun control equals more corruption?

The official fee for a Permit to Carry Firearm Outside of Residence P4000 + P150 card. A permit to Transport (Gun Club) is P360. Source is the official PNP Firearms and Explosives Division web site here: Now I am just wondering why the actual cost being charged for a PTCFOR is P8000-P12,000. Also, the actual costs of a PTT is P500. PTCFORs for long arms are likewise being issued for P20,000.

Those are current figures. During the time of Ping Lacson in the late 90's, of the several thousand PTCFOR applications being filed only about 160 were approved. Nevertheless, if you are not within the "magic 160", a fee of P10,000 for the PTCFOR would make you a member.

Anti-gun groups are losing ground in the US

Our PNP claims that in the Philippine public are clamoring for increased gun control. It seems that the complete opposite is happening in the US: the tide of sympathy is turning in favor of gun ownership as more Americans realize that they do not need to become victims of crime.

Here are two stories, one of a father who fought off three armed robbers, and one of an 80-year-old man who used an illegal firearm to protect his family. As you can see, support is clearly on the gun owners' side.

Let's skip the pretense that limiting gun ownership rights will do anything to protect people from crime. We should learn from experience in other countries. The case studies and numbers all point in the same direction—that citizens must play an active part in reducing crime, and sometimes that means bearing arms.

Selective and Stricter issuances of Permits to Carry and Permits to Transport?

Now that the Comelec Election gun ban is over, we have word from our sources within the PNP that FED will now be "selective" in issuing Permits to Transport. Likewise the Chief PNP shall likewise become more "selective" and stricter in issuing Permits to Carry. An extended gun ban by another name?

Likewise, we understand that the "resolutions" that were "discussed and agreed upon" by the stakeholders who participated in the last Firearms Summit shall be used as a basis for implementation of these stricter rules. Of course what exactly what was "agreed" upon, if anything was actually "agreed" upon, is still subject to debate.

So what are these new rules? We don't know yet.

Philippine Star quotes PROGUN

The public and media are now taking note of PROGUN articles and information posted on our web site. Most recent of which was Mr. Babes Romualdez of the Philippine Star recently quoted our stand on the gun ban and the studies that we presented particularly that the total gun ban in Jamaica that has been imposed since 1973 did not work in preventing crime in that country. Also cited was the NYPD versus PNP example of the ideal number of police officers required vis-a-vis the total population.

Previously, President NoyNoy Aquino made public statements which quoted our data in our PROGUN Position Paper, as did the newspaper Biz Week, and GMA-7 news network.

The Final and Official Comelec Gun Ban Toll: 565 Killed, 359 wounded.

On the eve of the end of the COMELEC election Gun ban which began on 10 January and ends on 9 June 2010, the final and official PROGUN tally of shootings and/or gun violence during this period is: 565 people Killed and 359 wounded, for a total of 922 people shot. Our tally can be viewed here:

When PROGUN began this project several months ago, we set out to prove by empirical evidence once and for all, if the COMELEC Gun ban resulted in less crime and gun violence during the ban. Not knowing what the results should eventually show, we embarked on a simple count or tally of gun related violent incidents as reported in ordinary news channels.

The results that we got are quite disturbing. The statistics simply show that several hundred people are shot during election gun ban period, which are not reported by law enforcement.

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