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Pacheco is crying “foul”


This was published in today's edition of the Phil Daily Inquirer.....galit sia kay DOJ Sec de Lima and others who are level-headed, particularly those who do not agree with him. Shades of self-righteous megalomania

Poor taste in publishing gruesome photo
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Posted date: December 08, 2010

WHAT’S THE message of the photo showing Justice Secretary Leila de Lima aiming at a target during the Prosecutors League of the Philippines Invitational Shootfest held at Camp Karingal, Quezon City, with the caption head: “THE LADY CAN ALSO SHOOT”? (Inquirer, 12/5/10)

Secretary of Justice wants guns for judges and lawyers

MANILA, Philippines - Justice Secretary Leila de Lima yesterday supported a proposal to allow judges and lawyers to carry firearms to defend themselves amid rising cases of attacks targeting them.

This developed as the Supreme Court (SC) continues with its program to prepare and train judges nationwide to defend themselves from possible attacks that could be related to their work.

In an interview with Agence France Presse, De Lima also called on judges and lawyers to undergo training on practical shooting and driving as precautionary measure against possible ambush attacks.

“Their line of work makes them natural targets of harassment and violence, especially because of weak enforcement of laws and a prevailing culture of impunity,” she said.

Congratulations Gen. Napoleon Estilles

PROGUN congratulates Gen. Napoleon Estilles on his well-deserved appointment as Chief of the PNP Firearms and Explosives Division. A decent and honest man, Gen. Estilles served as deputy of the PNP-FED a few years back and he supports civilian gun ownership. He also assisted us in the legalization of airsoft in 2007. He is most qualified to lead the agency.

Excessive license fees: Taxing gun owners out of existence

When a firearm costs P15,000 and the initial license fee costs P7,000, something is wrong. Similarly, the same problem arises when the permit-to-carry costs P10,000 to P12,000, or nearly 3/4 the cost of the gun. In some instances, the PTCFOR costs MORE that the firearm itself.

UN: Philippines now most the dangerous place for journalists

Philippine Daily Inquirer


By Robert GonzagaCentral Luzon Desk

Philippine Daily Inquirer Reporter packs a gun, wears bullet-proof vest

By Nikko Dizon
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 02:22:00 11/23/2010

ALERT: PNP Orders Gun Ban in Cagayan Province

MANILA, Philippines - Philippine National Police chief Director General Raul Bacalzo on Friday said that he has imposed a province-wide gun ban in Cagayan.

Bacalzo said that he suspended the permit to carry firearms outside residence in the whole province due to the alarming increase in the number of shooting incidents.

The top police official cited the shooting of Tuguegarao City Mayor Delfin Ting on Monday.

Bacalzo said that he has told Chief Superintendent Francisco Villaroman, Cagayan Valley regional police director, to immediately implement his directive and declare Cagayan as a "gun-free" province.

Ting was standing in front of the Delfin Hotel and Restaurant when he was shot by an unidentified gunman.

Marshals Sought to Protect Buses from Criminals and Terrorists

Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 20:03:00 10/30/2010

Pro-ban advocates: October stats show no decrease in violent crime

The October 2010 crime figures from the PROGUN Crime Statistics Project are now available.

Chart showing increase in incidents for October 2010

As you can see, there was a slight upsurge in incidents and fatalities during the Barangay Election gun ban. The difference isn't statistically significant but it is interesting to note that there was no definite decrease in violent crime.

Armed Woman catches Home Burglar

This is a good example of how concealed carry works in the real world in preventing crime.

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