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Official response to Senate Bill No. 129

PROGUN has released an official response to Senate Bill No. 129. You can read it here. Please disseminate it as widely as possible.

The Onion Field Syndrome and the case for Back-up guns

The Onion Field Syndrome is so-named after the true story novel and movie of the same title. As the story went, two police officers were disarmed of their service guns at gun point by two perps, hogtied, thrown in the back of a car, brought to a deserted onion field, where one was shot to death, while the other by some miracle was able to escape on foot. Since then, the incident has been studied lengthily by officer survivor instructors as to what happened, and how it could have been prevented.

The recent abductions and murders of the Lozano son and Venson Evangelista, two used car salesmen, by apparent car thieves, again raises this same issue.

Senate bill By Sen. Franklin Drilon seeks to regulate use of firearms

MANILA, Philippines -- A bill seeking to regulate the carrying of firearms, by limiting it only to military, police and other law enforcement agencies, has been filed at the Senate.

Senator Franklin Drilon filed Senate Bill No. 129, known as the Firearms Regulation Act, to address the increasing incidents of violence and crime in the country, involving the use of firearms.

“It is high time that Congress should pass a law that regulates the use of firearms because the growing incidence of violence in the country is very alarming,” Drilon said in a statement on Tuesday.

While the proposed legislation does not intend to prohibit ownership and possession of licensed firearms, the senator said, it would limit the circumstances under which a private individual may take his firearm outside of his residence.

The Lozano and Evangelista Kidnap and Murder cases: Let the Seller Beware

This week we have seen the series of kidnappings and murder of used car salesmen who were meeting with prospective clients to exhibit the vehicle to be sold, only to be kidnapped at gun point and later murdered. The killers have yet to be caught. The modus operandi of the killers was to pose as buyers, request for a test drive, waylay the salesman /car owner at gun point, steal the car, and murder the salesman/ car owner.

Christian Teachers Leaving Basilan for fear of Kidnapping

Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 19:41:00 01/14/2011

Have a SAFE New Year: Do Not Fire Your Guns

PROGUN calls upon all licensed and responsible gun owners to please refrain from firing their guns on New Year's Eve. The traditional New Year's revelry of firecrackers and firing has left countless unintended victims of stray gun shot wounds and mutilations from firecrackers.

If you choose to celebrate with firecrackers, please do so in a SAFE MANNER.


2. Wear eye protection

3. Keep a safe distance from onlookers and family members

4. Have a bucket of water ready nearby


Let's all have a SAFE and RESPONSIBLE New Year free from injuries.

Bishops are intervening again....

Don't give toy guns as Christmas gifts - CBCP


Florida Shooter stopped by armed security officer, ex-cop.

This is a graphic video of a gunman whose intended shooting rampage was stopped by a school security officer and ex-cop who happened to be armed at a school board meeting. This is a perfect example of how the judicious use of a firearm in defense saved lives and prevented further tragedy from happening.

Bacalzo admits lack of firearms


The hoplophobes* are on the offensive again.


* Hoplophobia from the Greek hoplon, meaning armor, is defined as the "fear of firearms"[and as the "fear of armed citizens".]

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