Gun ban crimes 2010

Update 10 June 2010: The PNP decided not to continue with the extended gun ban due to the resistance from pro-firearms groups. However, some observers believe that in principle, we do have an extended ban in force.

Project introduction

The PNP says that 2010 election gun ban is a success and that it should be extended permanently. Since the reports could be politically motivated, we cannot rely on official statistics on the gun ban's effectiveness.

This project is PROGUN's response to the lack independent sources to challenge the PNP's claims. It is an impartial public database compiled by our community recording crimes during the gun ban that resulted in death or injury.

For more information, please see the Project Frequently Asked Questions.

The gun ban toll

Gun bans do not make ordinary people safer. So far, we have recorded 441 incidents in which there were 360 injuries and 576 fatalities during the 2010 election gun ban (10 January 2010 and 9 June 2010).

These numbers account for only the incidents recorded by our researchers and were sourced from reports in the media. Many more incidents may have taken place. We will continue to update this page as we discover more reports.

Please note that these figures are dynamically updated as our volunteers add new information.