The Woolwich attack: The Effect of a Gunless society

On 23 May 2013, a man named Michael Adelbolajo, a British citizen of African and islamic origin, along with his companion, ran over a British solder in South London, got down from the car, and hacked and decapitated the soldier to death. The incident was caught by a bystander on video, where the attackers, with bloody hands and meat cleaver and knives, are seen as speaking to the camera justifying their attack. All the while 50 bystanders stood by watching doing nothing. In spite of the efforts of one brave woman who tried to pacify and disarm the attackers, the attackers held reign and refused to desist for minutes after. London police were likewise present and did nothing except to call for armed back up since apparently these first responders had no guns. In short, the people present at the scene were helpless and terrified in the face of two knife wielding terrorists.

The UK frequently touts itself proudly as a gun free society. Since the enforced national gun ban in 1997 in the wake of the Dunblane shooting, British citizens have by and large been disarmed by their leftist government, save for a few hunting shotguns which must legally be kept locked up and unloaded. Now a gun free zone, London strictly prohibits the carrying of any type of gun by civilians - even some of its own police. As we can see, this misled policy has led to disastrous, if not interesting, results: 50 bystanders including police, could not do anything to stop the two attackers who were armed with bladed weapons. 

Indeed, it was only when armed police came about 20 minutes later were the attackers finally  subdued by gun shots, which proves unequivocally that the only true and effective way to stop terrorists is by guns wielded by the honest and good citizens or potential victims themselves. Stated otherwise, the only seemingly effective way to stop an armed violent criminal or a terrorist is a well-aimed bullet. Clearly, in this incident the unarmed bystanders and police - who could have intevened and saved the victim - were terrified and unable to fight back with effective means; instead 20 critical minutes had elapsed before ARMED help arrived.

IN THE END, AN ARMED RESPONSE ENDED THE DEADLY CRIME. Ironically, the guns that the UK government fought so hard against, turned out to be the solution.

If anything, the irony of the Woolwich attack is that proves clearly that the repressive UK gun laws do not work, and its highly touted gun ban is worthless in preventing crime and terrorism. The UK is NOT a crime free zone, even if it is a gun free zone.