Two more shooters in P-Noy’s Cabinet


Two more shooters in P-Noy’s Cabinet


LTO chief is Aquino shooting partner

By Tonette Orejas
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Posted 02:07:00 07/10/2010

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, Philippines — Lawyer Virginia Torres, newly appointed chief of the Land Transportation Office (LTO), is an occasional shooting buddy of President Benigno Aquino III and a scholar of his late father, former Sen. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr.

In her home province of Tarlac, Torres, 57, has a reputation of being honest and God-fearing.

“Malinis ya pamanungkulan ini. God-fearing ya (She’s not corrupt. She’s God-fearing),” said Arvin Cabalu, public information officer of the Tarlac provincial government.

Torres was the former head of the LTO office in Tarlac. She is also a member of Iglesia ni Cristo, according to Cabalu.

A native of La Paz town, she now lives in Paniqui town with her two children.


On Target
By Ramon Tulfo
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Posted 00:19:00 07/10/2010

Rico Escalona Puno, the new undersecretary for peace and order of the Department of Interior and Local Government, is a shooting mentor and buddy of the President.

A member of good standing of the Philippine Practical Association (PPSA), Puno was level-headed, fair and unassuming when I knew him years back.

I hope he hasn’t changed.



Nice to know that the new

Nice to know that the new President have at least two shooters in his Cabinet. One of them even lives in Paniqui, my hometown. Another Batman este Batgirl... He-he.

politico shooters

No wonder all the politicians are now making balimbing and coming out claiming that they are shooters. It seems like the vogue thing to do now, if your career is in government.

politico shooters......

I recall in the late 60's when the new President was a golf aficionado.   Golf became "popular", even portions of military camps were converted into golf courses.

The accidental shooters

Well, it's rather hilarious to see politicians, previously anti-gunners, now saying that they're shooters all along! Haha!


...just like that famous boxer-politco.....from orange to yellow (booo...)

It wouldn't be so bad if they

It wouldn't be so bad if they backed up their new-found interest by putting pro-gun legislation in place.

won't be so bad

I guess the initiative will come from us in a form of a draft bill.  Get them to con-sponsor it.