TV Patrol and Failon Ngayon

In this evening’s ABS-CBN TV Patrol, they featured a segment from Failon’s Special Report to be shown tomorrow at 4:45 pm at his program: Failon Ngayon.  As anticipated, there was an obvious anti-gun bias, but the subtle attempt to raise hysteria is full of inaccurate, if not illogical information.  They even dwelled twice on their interview with Pacheco.


The program featured their regular TV-Text survey among viewers if they are Progun or Anti-Gun.   The pros won by a narrow margin; with 53% of the votes while the antis got 47%.  The disappointments of the TV hosts were obvious, insinuating that the gun dealers, gun owners and even the unlicensed gun holders conducted a texting brigade.


The more it is imperative for us to watch the show tomorrow.  Expect some sort of a Saturday Afternoon Massacre where facts or even pro-gun statements to be twisted. Do take notes; express your views, rejoinders, and blogs at the social networking sites. These are not controlled by the media moguls; therefore you can make your sentiments heard.


If we do not help ourselves, nobody will.

It's high time that the f/a &

It's high time that the f/a & shooting industry gets their acts together and be united in their stand for the right to bear arms, We been reading opinion from some individuals blaming the media for demonizing guns, while we respect each and every opinion in the social network, We in the Philippine Media Shooters Team have been in constant coordination with PPSA, NROI, Armscor and other supporters in our advocacy to Protect the lives of Journalist, Now considered as endangered species, Philippine Media Shooters Team is more than willing to sit down with all Firearms afficionado / Stakeholders to help Promote the Sports of Practical Shooting and preserved our right to bear arms, Don't be the next Victim,  SHOOT BACK