Transport of firearms in domestic flights

Hi guys! This will be the first time that I fly out carrying my FA. I got confused of information given to me by airline ticket office, the airline info desk etc on what are the requirements I have to show when I will bring my FA. I have PTCFOR, is this sufficient req to be shown to the PNP assigned in the airport and the airline before they accept it for transport? Or do I have to get other documents and permits from the PNP? Thanks for any help.

any answers/link to this

any answers/link to this question? Interesting topic.

Airline checkin with FA: PTCFOR + fee

The last time I flew with my FA, all that was needed is to show your PTCFOR at the PNP desk, then pay the fee. They will ask you to clear it, set aside the magazines and ammunition then take custody of the firearm, magazines and ammunition. You'll be escorted through the whole checkin and security queue.

At the destination, you go to the PNP desk where you can once again take possession of your firearm, magazines and ammunition.

I highly recommend that you bring your own gun case and lock if you want peace of mind that no-one will tamper with it.

thanks for this info. 

thanks for this info. 

Always bring with you

Always bring with you photocopy of your FLC and PTCFOR when you travel.  It was a hassle finding copiers in the airport early in the morning. PNP Desk would require you one.

Domestic Flights

India is a booming country, and with the flouring and thriving financial system in the country, traveling by flights is such industry that has changed completely in last 6 - 7 years. There was an age where only limited travelers could fly through airlines; only the rich one could afford traveling by air planes with only few airlines like Air India, Indian Airlines, Jet Airways and Sahara.

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Firearm Ammunition

Travelers may only transport UNLOADED firearms in a locked, hard-sided container in or as checked baggage. All firearms, ammunition and firearm parts, including firearm frames and receivers, are prohibited in carry-on baggage. Realistic replicas of firearms are also prohibited in carry-on bags and must be packed in checked baggage and one thing is firearms  must be declared to the</a>  during the ticket counter check-in process  for security and safety purposes.