Thanks to our Gun Ban Crimes Project volunteers

Many thanks to our Gun Ban Crimes Project volunteers! I have now updated the statistics pages with a listing of the users who volunteered their time. Your efforts have played a valuable role in the opposition to PNP's proposed extended gun ban. It is difficult to dispute those figures which were gathered from public independent sources and openly available to peer review. The results will also provide a useful addition to our armory of evidence to fight future bans.

The 2010 Election ban may be officially over but the anti-gunners won't ever stop pushing their gun control agenda. Eternal vigilance is said to be the price of freedom and so we too must not let up in our efforts to oppose them.

Our data gathering efforts will continue so that we can provide our supporters with the necessary facts. For the next stage of the project we will record violent crime incidents throughout the year. This will allow us to have ready figures to challenge any propaganda that may be released. We can think of it as a citizens' watchdog to keep our officials honest.

You can find the project on the Crime Statistics Homepage.

If you have time to spare, please contribute by adding violent crime incidents or double-checking existing entries. As usual, please add any suggestions in the comments section below.


Please support this project

We encourage everyone to please support our crime statistics project by reporting crimes to our database. This shall be used for future purposes, in assessing the actual crime situation in the Philippines as a basis for allowing the continued civilian ownership and carrying for firearms.