Supreme Court issues Temporary Restraining Order in favor of PROGUN

Today the Supreme Court of the Philippines acted upon the petition filed by PROGUN and issued a temporary restraining order against the Philippine National Police. As prayed for by PROGUN in its petition filed last 21 March 2014, the Supreme Court ordered the PNP to:

1. Stop the implementation of the centralized licensing and renewal scheme and revert back to the regional firearms processing via the PNP regional satellite offices;
2. Stop the implementation of the required "consent and waiver" for licensed gun owners to allow the police to enter gun owners' residences and inspect their licensed firearms;
3. Stop the use of courier services for delivery and release of approved firearms licenses.

The PNP as respondent in the case was likewise directed to file its comment on the merits of the petition within ten days from receipt of the order from the Supreme Court.

Coverage of the announcement by the Supreme Court can be viewed at this link here:



The issuance of the TRO is good and timely because for so long the PNP has ben making rules of their own and shoving them on the gun owners without accountability. The PNP should submit on the rule of law specially on good governance by being transparent and allowing public participation. PNP should not decide on what they think but should decide on the stakeholders views. The TRO has now made the tyrant bow down to the rule of law. They should continue to humble themselves and serve. The officers should not make use of their position to inrich themselves at the expense of the tax payers who give theme bread and butter.