Progun walks out of PNP Gun Summit 2010, Disavows "Total Progun" Club of Perry Punla

A walkout by PROGUN marred today the PNP Gun Summit 2010. Initially, PROGUN was not given a slot as speaker in the "insights" portion of the Summit wherein our Opposing party, the Gunless Society was allowed to give a lengthy speech through Nandy Pacheco. Instead, the PNP assigned Mr. Christopher "Pery" Punla to speak as leader of an organization called, "Total Pro-Gun Confederation". This organization has not even been organized yet and Mr. Punla re-appeared on the gun scene only a week ago stating that he was organizing GENCOP.

Claiming to be Progun, Punla gave a satirical speech which appeared to favor gun ownership, but in reality it was a comic act critical of gun owners and showing that we were unstable gun nuts. He claimed that he wanted to push for the right to openly carry assault rifles and mount them on gun owners cars, and roofs of houses. He likewise spoke in favor of the right to own and carry publicly crew-served weapons such as belt-fed machine guns and bomb launchers. Expectedly, the crowd began laughing at what appeared to be a clown giving a stand up comedy routine. Since we felt that this type of talk sent the wrong signal to the public that legitimate gun owners were irresponsible, and that Punla was using our name Progun (without authorization) for purposes making fun of gun owners, the PROGUN contingent decided to walk out of the Summit hall at mid-day.

We were also wondering why this unorganized 1 week old organization was given a speaking slot at the Summit, and whether or not this was planned deliberately using a planted trojan horse as a smoke screen to the anti-gun ban efforts of PROGUN.

The name PROGUN is a registered trademark in the Intellectual Property Office (IPO). Due to Punla's unlawful use of our PROGUN trademark in a manner which discredits and disgraces gun owners, we disavow everything that Punla said or will say, using the name "progun". He is likewise sternly warned that publicly using a registered trademark without license or authority from the registered owner constitutes infringement of a trademark which is a criminal offense. This is especially so, if the trademark is used in a confusingly similar manner which damages the goodwill and reputation of the registered owner.

We were hoping that the Summit would provide a venue for serious discussion on gun issues which have become of public interest. Chief jesus Verzosa and a number of top PNP Brass were present, thus giving an opportunity for a serious dialogue. However, the most vocal stakeholders and groups were never even allowed to speak and/or participate in the discussions, and the whole proceedings turned out to be on big expensive anti-gun press release.

Last year, PROGUN was the cluster head and presenter of Cluster "D" of the Summit. This year, although we noted that the event was not as well organized and participants were about half of those who attended last year, we endeavored in good faith to participate in what we expected to be a bona fide gun issues discussion. Instead, we were gravely disappointed.



So the whole thing was just an elaborate farce.  Guess we should've seen that coming a mile away. 

Anyway what's next on PROGUN's agenda?

Could be a cheap trick by the

Could be a cheap trick by the opposing party.

Propaganda war is heating up

It is a cheap trick, and not a very good one. It clearly explains what has been happening lately. Now we know why:

  • the 'Total Pro-gun' / GENCOP group suddenly came out from nowhere (vehicle for black ops propaganda)
  • there were suddenly so many statements sent out to the press (bring gun issues to the public's attention)
  • Punla was making 'radical' proposals (to scare the public)
  • Punla kept saying he was from a group called 'Total Progun', even though he knew the name PROGUN already belongs to another group (linking PROGUN with 'Total Progun' progaganda)
  • PROGUN was lured to the summit at last minute by claims that the PNP wants to talk (so that fallujah could be at the summit and the PNP could claim Punla's statements came from PROGUN)

They planned this to set the public against the legal gun owners. Their intention was to link 'crazy statements' together with PROGUN in the public mind. But do you know what? It is all too obvious. Image how much they look down on the average Filipino to think that we're all so stupid that this would go unnoticed! The PNP leaders and anti-gun groups must see the Filipino people as gullible children who would believe everything we're told.

At the very least they could have been more subtle by preparing this last year and slowly spreading the propaganda...but come week before the summit? It is an insult to our intelligence to think that we won't notice.

It looks like this is becoming a serious propaganda war now. Please spread the word about what really happend to make sure the public does not fall for this trick.

You can help by:

  • Posting this info to your Facebook
  • Posting to all the other gun forums on the net
  • Writing to editors of newspapers
  • and of course, telling your friends and relatives. 




If what you say is true, it would appear that there is a push (from higher echelons) to eventually "disarm" gunowners. Limiting and restricting the use of firearms is as good to disarming a gun owner.


It makes me wonder on what the agenda is that is driving such anti-gun campaigne when EVERYONE knows the security climate in the Philippines is far from ok.


You know...

Now that I've thought about it a little more, it's my opinion that this elaborate moro-moro (the gun summit) was just one big production for the embattled CPNP to save face infront of his colleagues and I guess, his IANSA bankrollers.

Think about it guys and gals, at last year's summit, PROGUN was head of cluster D.  This year, they did everything in their power to discredit PROGUN and confuse the general public about our peaceful and responsible intentions.  Now, what changed in the last year?  

We did.  They wouldn't be resorting to such despicable tactics if they weren't seriously threatened by our efforts.  We put up our own site despite a lack of funding.  We gathered our own statistics.  We spread word about the mythical fallacies of gun control and did research on countries that went to the dogs after gunbans were made law (i.e. Jamaica case study at  We even owned online facebook polls like it was nobody's business (  WE, you and me, made this all possible.  

And now they're slowly being backed into a corner and making mistakes.  Like boiledfrog mentioned, "At the very least they could have been more subtle by preparing this last year and slowly spreading the propaganda...but come week before the summit? It is an insult to our intelligence to think that we won't notice."

So what the hell.  They can splurge on expensive gun summits all they want but in a democracy, nothing can defeat a true, word-of-mouth grassroots campaign.  So we soldier on.  Keep spreading the truth out there, to your friends and loved ones and anybody who will listen.  Send them emails with PROGUN articles, talk their ears off during meals or work (it's what I do).  But what's important is that we keep fighting.  Because, if we could accomplish this much in a year's time what more when PROGUN becomes more organized with a Pro-Gun head of state?

So tuloy lang ang laban mga bro and sis.  Kaya natin 'to.

We in PROGUN are honest

We in PROGUN are honest people. We lay all our cards on the table for everyone to see. We also make it clear to everyone our mission statement and  so that it will be crystal clear where we stand.

We also believe in free speech. We pull no punches. We call a spade a spade. Because we know that speaking with honesty and clarity equals credibility.

We first heard of Perry Punla last Saturday when he called in during our radio interview on DZMM. He claimed to represent the just-being-organized "Total Progun" organization. The two radio hosts put down the phone, laughed, and thought that he was crazy, i.e., insane. When we subsequently learned however that Punla was an "original" practical shooter and AFAD member, we gave him the benefit of the doubt and welcomed him into the gun advocacy movement, along with the other just-being-organized A2S5 group.

In spite of all the people calling for an "alliance", we decided, wisely, to wait and see. We haven't yet seen their mission statement, or haven't heard them speak or establish a track record which we could rely upon as a guide.

In the meantime, we were receiving all sorts of information about Punla and his connection with Gen Jesus Verzosa, among others. Nevertheless, we still gave Punla the benefit of the doubt and waited for him to make a move before we judge. In the meantime, several newspaper stories about Punla and his "Total Progun" organization came out in the papers. He then switched his group's name to Gencop (Gun Enthusiasts Confederation of the Philippines), which was an old standing, though decades inactive, gun group.

Our suspicions were raised when we noticed that Punla was the sole designated speaker at the summit for the pro-gun side. On the other side was long-standing anti-gun veteran Nandy Pacheco of the Gunless Society. When Punla delivered his speech, our suspicions were confirmed.

1. The only person who can guarantee a speaking slot on the Gun Summit is the Chief PNP. We know that Punla is quite close and cozy with the Chief PNP. Go figure.

2. Punla's use of the term "progun" which is our registered trademark is clearly intended to deceive the public that his organization is ours, and that his statements, ridiculous and absurd, were our statements. It is a demolition job.

3. The timing of Punla's media blitz coincides with our very much vocal campaign against the extension of the gun ban. He is therefore acting as a smokescreen to muddle the issues and dilute the strength of our PROGUN message.

4. Punla appears to be well funded and connected for a just-being-organized group. His statements have appeared in numerous large daily newspapers one after the other last weekend. A calculated move.

We would have respected Punla more if he just laid his cards on the table and said, "I am in favor of guns and an AFAD member., but I'm a close friend of Chief PNP whom I will have to support on this issue." However, he did not. Instead, he came on with a disguised campaign using our "progun" mark making it appear as progun, when in fact it was a loaded campaign for the anti-gunners. Which anti-gunner? Go figure.

We do not like to be deceived. More importantly, the public does not like to be deceived. No matter how heated the arguments or debates, we will never resort to this type of fielding trojan horses or fifth column deep penetration spies. Instead, we in PROGUN take the MORAL HIGH GROUND. Rather than use dirty tactics, we will appeal to reason and logic, using the truth as our means of persuasion. Because in the final analysis, it is CREDIBILITY which will win in the end, not lies and deceptions.

Nakakalungkot talaga

Nakita nyo na ba yung front page ng Inquirer? Nagpa survery pa sila sa Metro Manila na yung outcome eh 7 out of 10 people are in favor of the extension.

Sinasayang nila yung pera ng gobyerno.

Sana sa training na lang at gamit ng pulis nila gamitin yung pera kaysa sa mga ploy na ganyan na alam naman na natin na self-serving


about time to have survey of our own

Do you think the firearm is the best self-defence weapon available?

this will simply give us 90% of Yay's!


wala na tayo ibang inaasahan sa seguridad ntin kundi sarili natin

One of the major issues on

One of the major issues on the political table today is gun control. It is a hot button topic that gets people from both ends of the political spectrum heated. The issue editing service is at its core about second amendment rights. This amendment gives people the right to keep and bear arms to protect themselves; however that amendment was written in the eighteenth century and isn't as relevant today as it used to be.

Interesting, my opinion is

When it comes to the issue of guns, I think some kind of legalisation needs to be written into law in order to curtail the amount of people that have access to it. However, this would probably be very difficult, as any sort of restriction would probably lead to only the wealthier class of people being able to own one. Maybe the solution is to only permit guns for certain peoples, i.e. farmers and hunters. I don't see while anyone else really needs one.

It's frustrating that the

It's frustrating that the recent conference turns into a comical satire by a man naming himself a representative of a progun org.It makes us ridiculed instead of pushing our cause which i for one as a legitimate FA owner to be heard and be understood...It become a joke instead of serious matters to be brought out for the common good..Imagine what would a common tao will think about this statement:Progun people are warmonger and guncrazed individuals..?A note (OT) what would you think of if you see a heavy Russian machine gun mounted on a roof top..?it scares me of course but this in Northern Yemen where i worked before..!

Thoughts on fighting back?

This is clearly a crisis for all of us. I'm thinking, could we launch a campaign, sort of educating the general public about our stand and philosophy? I'm sure we have Progun media/ journalists who can write a couple of articles on broadsheet. Or maybe hook up with a talk show like ANC on TV? Maybe it's not just the PNP who needs to hear us, but the general public as well. Just my 2 cents.

Suggestions for countering the propaganda

Here are my suggestions from an earlier comment:

  • Posting this info to your Facebook
  • Posting to all the other gun forums on the net
  • Writing to editors of newspapers
  • and of course, telling your friends and relatives. 

Other activites

Let's do it IANSA way: community service, fund raising and charity work.  This is a tried and tested campaign that will surely win the hearts of all beneficiaries.

Words may be mightier than the sword but money speaks louder than words.

if total gun ban happens

well, if this goes on, i'm going to make a gun for myself. Personally, i only want to own assault rifles so that i can teach my children to be independent of themselves. 

I am not good in politics. I

I am not good in politics. I am an ordinary law abiding citizen using the best years of my life working away from my family.

Experiences taught me that I cannot depend on anyone with regards to the safety of my family; not the police, not the friends nor relatives, not the media and politicos because they always come late if ever. It is God and gun that have been protecting my family. Now, should my family's safety be compromised thanks to the efforts of Mr. Punla and the likes, then maybe I have to learn politics. I don't want to be forced by circumstances to violate any law just to protect my loved ones.