Progun Senatorial and Congressional Candidates


The elections of 2010 are just around the corner, and we urge all gun owners and enthusiasts to SUPPORT and VOTE for our PROgun allies in the Congress and Senate:

JUAN PONCE ENRILE - running for re-election
RUFFINO "RUFFI" BIAZON - running for senate

ROILO GOLEZ - Congress, Paranaque
JUAN PONCE "JACK" ENRILE - PPSA president running for Congressional Seat, Cagayan.

BANTAY BAYAN PARTY LIST - Nominee: Sonny Parsons

A vote for any of these men, is a PROgun vote!


Progun candidates, Party List

Congressmen Roilo Golez and Ruffino Biazon were the only two congressmen who voted AGAINST HB No. 6776. While the bill was going thru the House, Cong. Biazon had graciously agreed to support us and meet with us and gave us advise on how the preocess worked and what strategies to take to delay the bill from being approved. An avid airsoft player, he also supported us back in 2006-2007 regarding our legalization move for airsoft.

Congressman Roilo Golez is a known supporter of the shooting industry. Having appeared in several committee hearings on firearms, I personally have seen him defend the local firearms dealers and manufacturers and their right to do business and sell guns in the Philippines.

Juan Ponce Enrile, "Jack", Jr. is the founder and current president of PPSA. It was he who was instrumental in helping us with HB 6776 in the Senate. We had met with him several times over the past several months and based on our discussions he is truly PROGUN and PRO SHOOTING SPORT with all capital letters emphasized.

Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile, the Senate president likewise held fast in our favor and against HB No. 6776 in the Senate in spite of heavy pressure from the PNP for the bill to move forward. A long time supporter of the shooting sports and firearms afficionado, he was one of the senators who sponsored and passed the RA 8294 amendment to PD 1866 lowering the penalties for firearms offenses.
To our mind, None of these legislators have sponsored and/or supported any anti-gun bill or legislation.

For Party list, we endorse Bantay Bayan, an anti-crime group. It's nominee, Sonny Parsons, is widely known to have successfully defended his family from home invaders who robbed them and nearly raped his daughter. He is now a strong and vocal advocate for the right to keep and bear arms. During the PNP Firearms Summit last May 2009, Sonny personally appeared upon our request to speak for and defend civlian gun ownership.

What differentiates these legislators is that they are approachable, they listen, keep their word, and they are action men rather than mere talkers. This is opposed to other candidates who simply give hypocritical speeches and say one thing then do something else.

Our endorsement of these candidates ie based upon personal experience with them, their track record, and the results that they delivered for us.

The foregoing candidates are

The foregoing candidates are the only ones that we have endorsed since they are the only ones at this point in time whom we have first hand information regarding their past track record on the issue of firearms.

Nevertheless, if anyone has any further information regarding any other progun candidate running for office this May 2010, especially the regional and local candidates, please feel free to post your info here.