PROGUN now on Facebook

PROGUN has a new Facebook page at:!/pages/PROGUN-PHILIPPINES/113303732048357?v=wall

This is for the convenience of Facebook users. Hope everyone could support and join in this critical time.


Liked! Thanks.

Liked! Thanks.

Thank you for your support

81 members in 5 hours. Maraming salamat sa lahat ng supporters ng PROGUN.

The othe PRO GUN fan site with Facebook and it's website?

What do we do with it? Mr.Melcor is still asking current PRO GUN members to join the AFAD sponsored AS25, I think this FB fan site needs to be returned to the PRO GUN organization, it boasts 5,000+ members.

It's unfortunate but unless

It's unfortunate but unless he uses PROGUN inc branding, I don't think he's violating any of the Facebook rules. Maybe it's worth a try though...

Facebook will shut down the FAKE PROGUN Facebook page

The old Facebook page will be eventually shut down. Mike Melchor violated the Facebook rules when he created the site by certifying that he was the owner of the PROGUN name and trademark, which he is not.

This is without prejudice to Mike Melchor's criminal liability for Trademark infringement for unauthorized use of the PROGUN trademark, which is registered with the Intellectual Property Office. 4 yrs imprisonment. Melchor can also be held liable to pay civil damages to PROGUN, Inc.

the orig PROGUN

sir fallujah,

with due respect, i was a member of "progun" year 2004.

may i know if what happened to the org of mr melchor

and whats the relationship w/ the real PROGUN

w/ the org of mr melchor.

thank you sir for the clarification.

cheers to PROGUN


PROGUN will undergo some changes

Mike Melchor is no longer connected with PROGUN. Read:

Insofar as the corporation is concerned, we are now in the process or "housekeeping",i.e., re-organizing internally. We are still trying to recover the corporate records and the funds which are still in possession of Mike Melchor and the secretariat. 

As a corporate entity the organization will still have the same name and mission. But changes will be made regarding its membership structure, officers, and future funding. We will make an official announcement on this.


We have a lot of twitter and FaceBook features I can roll out as directed/time permits.Facebook Photos use in essay on Mobile Phones, Computers, Laptops.

all best serials

Mr.Melcor is still asking present PRO GUN associates to be a part of the AFAD provided AS25, I think this FB fan website needs to be came back to the PRO GUN company,  all best serials