PROGUN march rally on 3 July 2014

PROGUN will be holding a march rally along Padre Faura Manila (from Robinson's) at the Supreme Court on Thursday 9am, 3 July, to coincide with the filing of our verified petition for contempt against the PNP and all responsible officers for violation of the SC TRO. All shooters, gun owners, dealers, and freedom supporters are requested to join us in our march.


When right is might

I appreciate the President of PROGUN who questioned the President of the Philippines on his lack of concern on the plight of legitimate gun owners who are made to suffer due to the whimsical decissions of the PNP. I also heard your anger Atty towards injustice and unfairness of the PNP who blatantly disregarded the Supreme court's TRO. This confirms what I usually hear in the streets that the PNP is the law.....Hope the Supreme court will act in favor of the legitimate gun owners. We also wish the PNP will obey the law so that we will give them respect.