PROGUN joins Gun Dealers Association of the Philippines in delivering letters to Philippine National Police Headquarters and President Benigno Aquino

On Monday 17 March 2014, PROGUN joined the Gun Dealers Association of the Philippines in going to the Headquarters of the Philippine National Police at Camp Crame Quezon City to deliver a letter petition to the office of Gen. Alan Purisima Chief of the PNP, regarding the complaints and concerns of the gun dealers of extreme difficulties encountered in the new policy of centralized firearms licensing. Under the new policy, which PROGUN opposes, firearms licensing is now centralized in the PNP's headquarter where gun owners from all over the Philippines would have make the trip to personally appear thereat and be fingerprinted and subjected to a drug test.

On the same day PROGUN went to the Presidential Palace at Malacanang to deliver a similar letter protest to President Benigno "Pnoy" Aquino.

TV coverage of this is here on ANC Yahoo Channel by reporter Anthony Taberna:


Thanks PROGUN, thanks Mr.

Thanks PROGUN, thanks Mr. Anthony Taberna. You are the hope of responsible gun owners. You deserve our admiration. While the politicians failed , you gave us hope. More power!

Just doing what is right

Our cause is righteous. We are not asking for anything more except that we be allowed to enjoy our rights as gun owners under the law and as citizens under the Constitution. Thank you for your support.