PROGUN debates Kapatiran Gunless Society on GMA7 TV

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Loose firearms

What the Public and the Authority should know about the increasing of crime is not only by means of a real gun regardless if it is license or not as a matter of fact,most shooting incidents involves a home made guns (Sumpak) carried by gang members that are usually at the minor age.Furthermore,police involved in more shooting incidents than a license gun owner.



kapatiran's stand

what they seem blind to is the fact that any person intent to kill another does not need a gun to kill. a mere toothbrush with its handle sharpened or even a normal bamboo skewer that can be picked up off the streets is enough to kill.


humans have been killing other humans long since the first types of firearms were invented. we don't need firearms to kill. they shouldn't set their sights on firearms alone. more than anything, it's the country's collective psyche at play here. ours is a society where everyone is conditioned to play their own self-determined roles in the whole corruption game. we get rid of this conditioning, i.e. the framework that is entirely set up for and by corruption, and everything else gets fixed.


it's not so much the guns as it is the way our brains are conditioned to work. i hope people from kapatiran would open their eyes. they don't seem to realize they're like horses wearing blinders and the only bad thing they see is guns.