PROGUN Argues Against Stricter Gun Control on Solar News' "Opposing Views"


stricter gun control

this guy is just being a dick because he's a supporter of a gun less society what a jack asss...

Many buyers picked up more

Many buyers picked up more than one gun, so there is no telling how many new weapons are circulating. It has been said that only about 1.3 percent of those who apply for gun ownership background checks fail. What do you thinka bout this, a good or bad news?


That is good news because it shows that very few legitimate gun owners have dubious or criminal backgrounds.

gun control

The PNP and the military are afraid of the proliferation of legal guns to legal gun owners? It does not make sense? They should be happy because it has a multiplier effect unless they are doing illegal things against the civilians...

strict gun control

Citizens who have been divested of any right to defend themselves with the use of effective weapons are victims of armed elements legal or not. Those who aim to dominate look for weak people to serve them. Armed and strong citizens live in a society where freedom and peace must be enforced not by disarming but by arming oneself. Those who turned their firearms into plow are now the slaves who labor for the armed men. Government who wish to disarm their citizens are no different from criminals who wanted an unarmed victim.