The Problem with Changing of the Guard

The perennial problem with dealing with government agencies is that every time there i a change of administration, or a revamp or a reshuffle, the policies also change, oftentimes drastically. This latest problem of refusal of the PNP FED to issue permits to carry outside of reisdence or permits to transport which are only for a few days or event specific, highlights this recurring issue. A statement from the "desk of the president" of the PPSA blog was picked up which stated that as per their meetng with Chief PNP and other officials, no more PTTs were going to be issued for 3 months, as previously was the case. Instead, they would only be for a few days to a week at most. Likewise, there is talk that PTTs would now be 'merged" with the PTCFORs, if at all they would be allowed to be issued.

With no official change in the rules or law (ironically the much-assailed RA 10591 mentions PTTs), long standing policy dating back to the early 90's has been reversed. This is not the first time this has happened: in the late 90s for the brief period that he was Chief PNP, Ping Lacson refused to issue PTCFORs except to the criminal cronies of then president Erap Estrada. Understandably, the gun community and gun owners are upset due to this ever changing see-saw of policies regarding firearms. When will we ever have a STABLE POLICY on firearms which shall be the rule to be followed throughout the land for a long period of time? Changing policies abruptly, due simply because of the changing of the guard, does not contribute to the stability of the nation. It also brings to question the motives for the abrupt changes as well as suspicions of graft and corruption.

A changing of the guard should not automatically bring a change in fundamental policies which have been in place, and successfully implemented for years. Also, it would help if upon these changes of polices, the REASON or BASIS for the change would be made known or EXPLAINED to the public, so as to alleviate overwhelmingly negative public sentiments and accusations of corruption.


changing guards

Why is it so hard for the PNP to be transparent?


Very Sad indeed

I just got back from a hunting trip in the states.  My very first.  Even in the "Peoples Republic of California" gun owners are not treated the way we are here.  Sa states nga walang license ang baril.  You submit docs to a gun store.  They do a background check.  Upon completion you can pay for and take the gun home.  After bringing home the gun you can bring it to any appropriate range whenever you want. 

First off let's acknowledge we have a loose gun problem, one that stems from government and the criminal underworld and that these laws will not solve the problem.  Second let us acknowledge that we the legitimate owners are not the source of the problem and that we should not be treated as such.  Last let us acknowledge that those in power are given that power by the people for the benefit of the people and if we the people are not happy then maybe we need to talk to government openly and push for our rights in a correct manner. 

I've always questioned why databased guns (kasi nga kung licensyado at processed sa Crame obviously may complete record sila) need additional PTT, PTC, etc.  These guns are licensed and databased with the government.  These guns we own are so easy to trace back to us.  Why can't I bring out my licensed gun regardless of type to an appropriate shooting range or place where I can shoot safely? 

These laws are tantamount to government saying you may own a gun at exorbitant cost and subject to enjoying said arms at our discretion when we feel you may do so...diba?  Sana balang araw kaya natin harapin ang gobyerno at humingi ng tamang batas.  Perhaps we the people are not doing enough for the rights and benefits we so deserve.