Police may scrap the Issuance of Permits to Carry Outside of Residence (PTCFOR)

PNP mulls scrapping gun permits
Metro Section
Page 21
The Philippine STAR
April 5, 2010 issue


The Philippine National Police (PNP) is planning to permanently stop the issuance
of permits to carry firearms outside of residence (PTCFOR) because of the
supposed success of the total gun ban in preventing crimes.

“We might permanently suspend the issuance of permit to carry firearms outside
residence because we’ve seen it (total gun ban) to be effective in deterring
crimes,” PNP chief Director General Jesus Verzosa said.

He said the PNP will discuss the plan during the next gun summit.
Verzosa said the gun ban, which was imposed by the Commission on Elections,
has greatly reduced incidences of election-Related violence.

“If the trend (reduced election violence) would continue, then the country
is heading toward a more peaceful elections on May 10,” said Verzosa.

The nationwide total gun ban started on Jan. 10 and is in effect until June 9.
PNP spokesperson Chief Superintendent Leonardo Espina said that as of yesterday,
1,790 persons were arrested for violation of the gun ban while 1,519 long
and short firearms were recovered.

At the end of the national firearms amnesty period on Nov. 30 last year, the
PNP registered 271,895 loose firearms.


Some region in our country

Some region in our country just recently admitted that they don't have any firearm for their newly graduated LEO. How can they defend a civilian from the threat of a BG with FA?

And now they will ban the law abiding citizen for the PTC? What's next,?,? ? ? . . . . Confiscation? ?! ! ! !  S#*T! ! ! ! (sorry for the word, can't help myself)

Police protection?

I would agree with this ban if the police can assure me of 100% protection 24/7. However, as we all sadly and sorely know, the police are almost never there to prevent crime when it happens. They arrive at the scene only much later to take pictures of the dead bodies. SO this "macho" posture by the PNP is really a farce. They may claim to be "protectors of the people" but in reality, they are never around when it counts. Which leaves us, the ordinary citizens in a dilemmna- submit to the criminals or defend ourselves.



How f#@king stupid do these people think we are??


There are no masters, where there are no people willing to be slaves.


its a known fact that pnp is

its a known fact that pnp is inutile for the protection of majority citizens most often police will be called upon when the crime is already committed surely not prevented we cannot rely on them that's for sure..even showing those riding in tandem LEO's...how they come up to the idea that they would not issue PTCFOR anymore..where they get the news that the surroundings were already peaceful and safe..?