Is the Philippines a Terrorist Country?

European Union Countries have imposed a self-styled arms embargo on the Philippines by refusing to sell guns to Philippine end users. The apparent reason given is that the Philippines is labeled as a "terrorist country." Other petty reasons include certain dealers' misconduct in declaring the end users of the imported firearms.

Is the Philippine a terrorist country?

On the contrary, the Philippines has a robust Constitutional Democracy, with free elections, elected leaders, courts of law, and a thriving economy. In fact as of the late '90's, the Philippines was the largest market for European-made guns such as Glock, in Asia. Our gun licensing system is still free, but increasingly becoming draconian. The vast majority of 1.2 million gun owners comply with the laws of firearms.

It is wrong to label the Philippines as a terrorist country due to the acts of 20 or so muslim extremists in the far southern region (the Philippines is 80% Christian). If anything, the Filipinos should be given the right to protect themsleves against lawless bandits and extremists. In fact, it is rather hypocritical to label a small country in Asia as a "terrorist country", when in fact almost every terrorist organization in the world, including, the Red brigades, Baader Mienhof, Al Fatah, Al Queda and the 911 hi-jackers roam with impunity within and among the borders of the Western European countries. The Philippines' top terrorist Jose Ma. Sison in fact lives in asylum in the Netherlands and continues to direct his subversive and terroristic activities from there.

The bottom line is that there is nothing illegal in the manner in which licensed guns are sold in the Philippines, just like in other countries of the world. Filipino citizens comply with the laws imposed upon them (no matter how harsh). Filipinos are law abiding citizens.Considering our unique situation, the TRUTH must be stated.


Beg your pardon but I

Beg your pardon but I honestly couldn't give a rat's @$$ what those EU member countries think; especially with members like the UK with its overtly lopsided, bordering-on-the-insane laws regarding self-defense.

Don't get me wrong, I know we're missing out on some sweet Austrian-made Glocks and the like, but as long as I can still (legally) get my hands on a reliable, freaking proudly Pinoy-made Armscor 1911, I'm one happy camper.

Here's crossing my fingers that I'll remain one for a long, long time to come.

Proudly Filipino

Ah Armscor yes. Proudly Philippine made. I have 4 Armscors. I did notice that the Europeans' loss was our gain. The void has been filled by our locally made guns.

ARMSCOR world class products

I think its about time we should patronize our own just like what the israelis are doing. ARMSCOR products are already world class and in fact most south and central american countries are armed with their products. I have two 1911s and they are both made by ARMSCOR, they both shoot well and I can say I am proud to have them.

Would buy ARMSCOR but not with current ownership restrictions

An ARMSCOR 1911 is on my wishlist and I was about to go ahead and purchase one. Unfortunately, this news about the 'one long, one short' firearm ownership restriction means that I'll have to hold back until it's resolved. What's the point in spending the money when they'll take it away from you in the end?

I am sure there are many out there in a similar position. This restriction is going to be very bad for our local firearms industry.

how about the russians?

if the eu doesn't want to sell their guns here, so be it, perhaps the russians and the chinese would be willing to sell their guns here instead.


baka mas mura pa!


someone should invite the russians and the chinese to sell here, maybe they can even pressure verzosa to be more pro-gun.

Russian arms

I think the Russians are already selling guns here. Also the Turks, Argentines, Brazilians, and Chinese. Of course, the American guns have always been sold here and are here to stay.

armscor products

i have 2 armscor made FAs.

its affordable & reliable.

Proudly Philippine made products

I support them.