Philippine Star: PROGUN refutes Chief PNP Gen. Jesus Verzosa on Gun Ban

Gun owners' group asks PNP to reconsider gun ban extension 
By Mike Frialde (The Philippine Star) Updated May 25, 2010 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines - Members of the country’s largest group of civilian gun owners want the Philippine National Police (PNP) to reconsider its proposal to extend the gun ban beyond the end of the election period on June 9.

According to the Peaceful Responsible Owners of Guns (Progun), they are even willing to engage PNP chief Director General Jesus Versoza on a public debate on the issue.

“We want to engage him in a public debate and dispute his statements and figures on gun control” PROGUN acting secretary Ernesto Tabujara told The Star.

He said Progun has 15,000 card-carrying members and 1.2 million “sympathetic” licensed gun owners nationwide.

According to Tabujara during the gun summit last year, the PNP agreed with Progun’s position to implement an amnesty program to account for all the loose firearms in the country. However, the PNP shot down PROGUN’s position not to implement a total gun ban.

The gun ban, imposed by the Commission on Elections, started last Jan. 10 and will end on June 9.

Tabujara said Progun stands by its position argues that a total gun ban is “unrealistic” and not feasible within the Philippines.

He said that unlike Western countries, “the Philippines has suffered from rampant crime… In spite of the best efforts of the PNP and the Armed Forces (AFP), these crimes have not been curbed or lessened over the years. If anything, the crime situation in the country has gotten worse,” he said.

Tabujara said while some could afford private security guards, a total gun ban would leave many ordinary citizens totally defenseless against criminals.

“If he (Versoza) wants a total gun ban, he should also be willing to become my bodyguard,” he said.



“If he (Versoza) wants a

“If he (Versoza) wants a total gun ban, he should also be willing to become my bodyguard,” he said.


I will just agree for a permanent gun ban if Versoza is my bodyguard.

no thanks

I read from this thread in

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That he was interviewed on PTV 4 last week and was queried regarding his stance on gun control. He more or less replied that he himself, despite being a policeman for 30 years and having a firearm, felt that there was nothing he could really do (even while having a gun) if someone truly wanted him dead.

Dios mio, is THAT the sort of attitude you'd want in a personal bodyguard?  Much less the chief of police?!??